Bid Information

The Hoffman Estates Park District will post all bid requests with specifications and bid results on this site regularly. Those interested will be able to download all details.

Invitations to Bid
The PDF set of drawings provided are to be considered the Drawings of Record for these bid projects and are located under Specs. Please be sure to return the Proposal in a sealed envelope as instructed. The DWG’s are Auto Cad drawings and must be saved to your computer. Please make sure you visit this site prior to submitting your Proposal for an Addendums to the original bids. Questions on this site, please contact Peg Kusmierski at 847-310-3617.

*For DWG Drawings, contact Peg Kusmierski at 847-310-3617.

2017 Bid Opportunities

Prairie Stone Sports and Wellness Center Supply of Fitness Equipment – April 4, 2017 – Bid Specs PSSWC Fitness Equipment 2017 – Form of Proposal PSSWC Fitness equipment 2017ADDENDUM 1 PSSWC Fitness Equipment2017

Crackfill and Sealcoat Various locations at the Hoffman Estates Park District – March 22, 2017 – Specs Crack Fill and SealcoatProposal Crack Fill Seal CoatResults for Crackfill, SealCoat, Stripe 2017.3.22

Asphalt Patching and Resurfacing Maint Garage; Evergreen, Victoria & Westbury Path – February 22, 2017Asphalt Bid SpecsForm of Proposalall drawingsEvergreen Path slope chartADDENDUM #1 AsphaltResults for Asphalt

Installation of PG Equipment; Concrete Work; Landscape Restoration Various Sites – February 22, 2017Specifications Install PG Equipment, Concrete, LandscapeForm of Proposal Playground Install 2017PG Install 2017 all drawingsResults 2017.2.22 PG Install, Concrete, Landscape

RFP Office Cubicle Space for North Side Renovation – January 17, 2017 – rfp-northside-cubicle-spaceaddendum-no-1revised-office-partition-plan-DWGOffice Furniture OverviewResults Cubicles 1.31.17

Supply of Playground Equipment for Victoria South and Colony Park – February 2, 2017 (SEE ADDENDUM #1) – bid-specs-supply-pg Victoria South & Colony -2017 – form-of-proposal-supply-play-equipment-Victoria S & Colony 20172017 PG Performance Vic S, Colony 4cad-base-info-victoria-south_colony-2017 – exhibit-a-playgrounds-concept-plans-11-17-2016addendum-1Results PG Equipment 2.2.17

Tennis, Basketball, Inline, Pickleball Court Repair/Color Coating, Striping for Victoria, Olmstead, Willow, Evergreen, South Ridge, Pine, Charlemagne, Fabbrini, Cannon, Community Parks, PSSWC – January 31, 2017 – bid-specs-court-repair color-coat stripe-multiple-rink-court-2017form-of-proposal-court-repair-color-coat-stripe-multi-local-2017addendum-1Results Court Repair 1.31.17

2016 Bid Opportunities

BRIDGES OF POPLAR CREEK – TAX EXEMPT 2017 SAND PURCHASE – DECEMBER 5, 2016 – specifications-sand-purchase – form-of-proposal-sand-purchasebid-results

BRIDGES OF POPLAR CREEK – TAX EXEMPT 2017 GOLF CART PURCHASE – NOVEMBER 8, 2016 – 2017-bid-document-golf-cart-purchase2017-form-of-proposal-golf-cart-purchasecart-purchase-bid-results

TRIPHAHN CENTER REBID North Side Renovation Project – NEW bid opening OCTOBER 25, 2016

Please note that this is a REBID of a specific trade (Concrete) for a much larger Renovation Project at the Triphahn Center. Each prospective Bidder should select NINE (9) ITEMS to complete your Bid Package.

Please choose the North Side Drawings (2) and general Specification Book/Project Manual, schedule, all 3 addenda listed, the Concrete Invite with Specs and the Form of Proposal.  Please direct any questions to Gary Buczkowski at or 847-561-2172.


BPC Fertilizer & Pesticide – October 14, 2016 – spec-fertilizer-pesticide-BPCform-of-proposal-fertilizer-pesticide-BPCBid Results


TRIPHAHN CENTER North Side Renovation Project – bid opening October 11, 2016:

Each prospective Bidder should select SIX(6) ITEMS to complete your Bid Package.  All prospective Bidders must check back to this website page for any addenda issued through the bid process.

Please choose the North Side Drawings (2) and general Specification Book/Project Manual for every trade located at the links directly below:

Please check the following links for all ADDENDUM:

Please choose your invite-bid-specs and form-of-proposal for your specific trade category listed below:

Carpentry- results-chart-carpentry


Electrical – results-chart-electrical

Fire Suppression results-chart-fire-protection

Floor Coveringsresults-chart-floor-coverings

Glazing RFP –

HVAC & Mechanical results-chart-hvac-mechanical



Steel & Misc. Metalresults-chart-steel-misc-metal



Bridges of Poplar Creek Tax Exempt 2017 Golf Cart Lease & Maintenance Agreement – 10/5/16 – 2017-golf-cart-lease-specsform-of-proposal-golf-cart-lease – 2017-cart-bid-results

RFP:  Concrete Raising at Willow Recreation Center and Seascape Family Aquatic Center – 9/1/16 – request-for-proposal-raising-concrete Seascape DrawingsWRC Drawings – concrete-results-chart

Seascape Fire Suppression System – 8/29/16 – specs-seascape-fire-suppressionSeascape Drawingsform-of-proposal-seascape-fire-suppressionresults-chart

RFP:  Survey Work for Armstrong, Victoria South and Willow Parks – 6/30/16 – survey-proposal-for-willow-armstrong-victoria-s-parks– Armstrong Park – victoria park survey area 2016–  Willow Survey 2016 Googleresults-chart-survey-work

PSSWC Activity/Lap Pool Filter Replacement – 4/19/16 – specs-psswc-lap-activity-pool-filter-replacementDrawings Pool Filter Replacementform-of-proposal-lap-activity-pool-filter-replacementaddendum-pool-filter-1results-chart-ps-filter-replace

PSSWC Activity/Lap Pool Ceiling Painting- 4/19/16 – specs-2016-aquatic-ceilingActivity Pool PicsLap Pool Picsform-of-proposal-w-hold-harmless-aquatic-ceiling-2016addendum-ceiling-paint-1results-chart-ps-ceiling-paint

PSSWC Activity/Lap Pool re-application of Diamond Bright – 4/19/16 – specs-psswc-diamond-bright-pool-bid-docform-of-proposal-psswc-diamond-bright-pool-bidresults-chart-ps-diamond-brite

RFP Victoria Park Temporary Fencing – 3/24/16 – end of day – victoria-parktemporary-fence-2016-rfpvictoria-parktemporary-fence-2016-drawing

Skid Loader, Trailer, Mounted Broom, Mounted Hydraulic Pallet Forks – 3/22/16 9 am – Specs for Skid LoaderForm of Proposal Skid LoaderSkid loader bid results

Crack Filling, Seal Coating Striping at various locations for the HEPD – 3/22/16 10 am – specs-crack-fill-and-sealcoat-trip-bopc-psswc-othersproposal-crack-fill-seal-coat-tc-sea-bopc-psswc-2016proposal-crack-fill-seal-coat-tc-sea-bopc-psswc-2016results-for-crackfill-sealcoat-stripe-2016-3-22

HVAC Units Replacement at Prairie Stone Sports & Wellness – PRE-BID MTG: 2/17/2016 9am at Prairie Stone: 5050 Sedge Blvd;  BIDS DUE 2/25/2016 at 10am and will be opened and read aloud on 2/25/2016 at 10:30 at Hoffman Estates Park District, 1685 W Higgins: Project Manual SECTION 1  –   Project Manual SECTION2 and Form of Proposal ;    Drawings – results-natatorium-hvac

Supply and Installation of Fall Surface Victoria Park – 2/23/16 – specifications-install-victoria-park-fall-surface, Drawings, form-of-proposal-victoria-fall-surfaceresults-for-victor-supply-install-fall-surface

Supply and Installation of Playground Equipment at Victoria Park – 2/23/16 – bid-specs-supply-victoria-play-equip Victoria Playground Drawings, form-of-proposal-playground-supply-and-install-victoriaresults-for-victor-supply-install-pg-equipm

Install Playground Equipment Sheffield and Canterbury Park Place Parks, Concrete Work for PSSWC, TC, BPC – 2/23/16 – Specs Install PG scheduleInstall Schedule and Drawingsform-of-proposal-playground-install-2016 results-chart-pg-install-sheffield-canterbury-park-pl-conc-pstcbpc

Asphalt Patching, Resurfacing at Triphahn Center, Bridges of Poplar Creek – 2/23/16 – 2016-asphalt-bid-specs – ASPHALT Drawings 2016 1 OF 1form-of-proposal-asphalt-2016 – results-asphalt-patch-tcbpc-maint

2016 Printing Bid for the Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring Program Guide – 2/15/2016 – Rebid HEPD Program Guide Printing Bid  Results

RFP for Supply of Park and Playground Signs – 2/5/2016 – Signs Park.Playground 2016Signs Park.Playground 2016 Support – Results Chart

Supply of Playground Equipment Sheffield and Canterbury Park Place Parks – 1/26/16 – Bid SpecsForm of Proposal Design Score Sheet1 Sheffield Burke Sheffield 23 Sheffield Gametime 4 Sheffield Play Craft 1 Canter2 Canter3 Canterbury Burke 4 Canterbury Gametime 5 Canterbury Gametime6 Canterbury Playcraft – Sheffield PG LT DWGCanterbury DWG – Results PG Equipment 1.26.16

Multiple Court Repair, Color Coating, Striping – 1/26/16 – Bid Specs Court RepairForm of Proposal Court Repair – Results Court Repair 1.26.16

2015 Bid Opportunities

Beverage & Advertising Sponsorship RFP – 11/4/15 Bev Adv-Spons RFP

RE-BID Quarterly Program Guide & Insert Printing 11/30/15 – RESULT: Board committee rejected all bids. Rebid document will be posted after 1/1/2016.

Paint Jr. Tennis Court Lines RFP – 9/23/15 – RFP – Results

Cannon Crossing Tree Planting RFP – 4/3/15 – RFP Drawings – Results

Survey Work for Hoffman and Victoria Park RFP – 4/3/15 – RFP – Hoffman Drawing – Victoria Drawing – Addendum – Results

Crack Fill, Seal Coat, Stripe TC,PS,BPC,Cannon,Fabbrini,WRC,Victoria, Cottonwood,Vogelei & S.Ridge Parks – Due 3/24/15 – Specs – Proposal – Addendum Addendum – Results

Installation of Playground Equipment (Valley, Evergreen, Maple Parks) – 2/24/15 – Specs Proposal Drawings – Results

Supply and Install Fence (Maple, Evergreen, High Point) – Due 2/24/15 – Specs ProposalDrawings – Drawings – Addendum – Addendum 2 – Addendum 3 – Addendum 4 – Results

Supply and Install Floating Dock High Point Park – Due 2/24/15 – Specs Proposal – KMZ file – Results

Concrete Work (TC, WRC, HP) – Due 2/24/15 – Specs Proposal Drawings Drawings – Addendum – Results

Asphalt Patching and Resurfacing (TC, WRC, Maint, BPC, HP) – Due 2/24/15 – Specs Proposal Drawings Drawings – Results

Supply of PG Equipment – Due 1/27/15 – Specs–  Score Sheet DWGProposal – Addendum – Results

Tennis Court Maintenance – Due 1/20/15 – Specs – Proposal – Results Chart


2014 Bid Opportunities

BPC #10 Hole Retaining Wall 11/3/14  Specs  Propoal Addendum
Addendum 2
Telephone, Network Switches, PTP Wireless, Cabling Solution 10/14/14  RFP
Cannon Crossing Fence 8/28/14 Specs  Proposal    Results
PSSWC Custodial Bid 8/5/14 Specs  Proposal  Addendum  Results
Demo of Dwelling at 31 Summit/2ND BID 6/17/14 Specs Inspection  Proposal  Results
Demo of Dwelling at 31 Summit – ONLY RECV’D 1 BID – WILL GO OUT FOR BID AGAIN 5/22/14 Specs  Asbestos Inspection Proposal  Addendum
Supply & Install Marquee Signs 5/16/145/22/14 Specs  PreQual Forms due 5/16  Proposaldue 5/22  Drawings
Triphahn Center Flooring 3/21/14 Specs Proposal
Crack Fill/Seal Coat BPC FAC, TC, WRC, Victoria 3/18/14 Specs Proposal  Results
Install PG Equip WRC, Cotton, Poplar, Locust & Fabric Shelter & Concrete 2/18/14 Specs  Proposal
Addendum 2
Drawings Results
Supply/Install Fence WRC Poplar, S Ridge, Community 2/18/14 Specs  Proposal
Addendum 2
 Drawings  Results
Asphalt Patching/Resurf TCOlmstead, FAC, Poplar 2/18/14 Specs  Proposal  Drawings  Results
Locust Shade Structure 1/28/2014 Specs Proposal    Results
 PG Equip Cotton, Poplar, WRC, Locust, Ike 1/28/2014  Specs
Proposal Pictures
Tennis Court Repair/Color Coat 1/21/2014 Specs Proposal Pictures  Results
RFP Prescribed Burns 6/14/2013 Specs & Proposal    Results
Sealcoat Crack Fill Parking Lots 4/24/13 Specs Proposal  Results
REBID High Point Court Repair, Color Coating, Striping 5/1/2013 Specs Proposal  Drawings  Results
Landscaping for Brittany, High Point and Lincoln Parks 5/1/2013 Specs

Proposal  Results
Playground Install at Lincoln, Britt, HP and Fabric Shelter at Lincoln 2/26/13 Specs Proposal results
Fencing at Brittany, Lincoln, Vogelei, HP 2/26/13 Specs Proposal results
Asphalt Patching PSSWC, Charlemagne, HP 2/26/13 Specs Proposal results
High Point Court Repair – SEE REBID DOCS ABOVE (updated 3/21/13) 2/26/13 Specs
Audit Services RFP 2/12/13 RFP
Playgrounds & Swings for 4 Parks 1/29/13 Bid Docs Proposal results
Lincoln Park Shade Structure 1/29/13 Bid Specs with drawing  Proposal results
Seascape Fiberglass Water Slide Refinishing 1/22/13 Bid Specs Proposal RESULTS
Bridges of Poplar Creek Shingle Roof Replacement 1/22/13 Bid Specs Proposal RESULTS
Pool Lift at Seascape and PSSWC 1/17/13 Bid Specs Proposal results