Best of Hoffman

Each month the Hoffman Estates Park District staff and commissioners review the district’s volunteers and participants, searching for men, women, and children who best exemplify the interests of the park district. These people are then recognized as the Best of Hoffman at a Park Board meeting and presented with a Board proclamation. We are lucky and honored to be affiliated with these individuals. If you would like to nominate someone for this award, contact Jane Kaczmarek at 847-781-3633.

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Best of the Best 2017: Heather Kubinski

Heather was chosen from all 2017 Best of Hoffman recipients to receive this honor. Last year, when Heather was shopping at Jewel, she noticed on her receipt a contest to win a $500 Jewel gift card and a $20,000 grant to a local hockey rink of her choice.  So, she entered the sweepstakes!  Lucky for us, she chose the Hoffman Estates Park District’s ice rink because her children used to ice skate here when they were younger. 

A few months later, Heather received an email stating that she had won. She received her $500 Jewel gift card and HE Parks received a $20,000 grant for our Wolf Pack Hockey Development Program. The grant was used for new hockey equipment, teaching equipment for the hockey lessons program, assisting families with financial needs, and grassroots development in the game of hockey. Her act of kindness has made a difference in the lives of many hockey players and their families. 


January – none

February – Royce Schwartz

Royce Schwartz began the 50+ Center’s Pinterest Crafting Club.  She leads the crafting club two times a month in various different crafting projects.  There’s been a lot of interest in this club and it continues to grow with her enthusiasm and passion for making crafts.  Mindi and the group have come to really adore her and her talents. In addition to leading the 50+ Crafting Club, she also leads our new weekly 50+ Bunco group on Wednesday afternoons.  Thank you, Royce!