Best of Hoffman

Each quarter the Hoffman Estates Park District staff and commissioners review the district’s volunteers and participants, searching for men, women, and children who best exemplify the interests of the park district. These people are then recognized as the Best of Hoffman at a Park Board meeting and presented with a Board proclamation. We are lucky and honored to be affiliated with these individuals. If you would like to nominate someone for this award, contact Cindy Flynn at 847-781-3633.

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Fourth Quarter 2023 – Ron Evans

Hoffman Estates Park District would like to recognize Ron Evans as the Best of Hoffman for the 4th Quarter 2023.

Ron Evans is a long-time volunteer, friend and supporter of the Hoffman Estates Park District, giving his time as Commissioner, Community Representative, Foundation Trustee and fundraiser.

Prior to serving as Commissioner, Ron volunteered as as Community Representative for two years from 2009 to 2011. In 2011 he became a Commissioner on the Park Board and continued to serve in that capacity for ten years, providing valuable input and time to the District.

Upon retiring from the Board, Ron returned to the Community Representative role for two more years, totaling 14 years within the realm of the Board and Committees.

In addition to the Board and Committees, Ron further solidified his exemplary volunteer status as a longtime Foundation Trustee. His involvement with the annual golf outing and Toptracer events was invaluable. In 2023 alone, he single-handedly brought in five foursomes, representing more than 20 percent of all participants.

Upon his retirement from his volunteer work with HEParks, we would like to honor Ron Evans for all he has done for the District.

The Board of Commissioners for Hoffman Estates Park District is proud to award Ron Evans the 4th Quarter 2023 Best of Hoffman Award.

Third Quarter 2023 – MaryEllen McKenna

Hoffman Estates Park District would like to recognize MaryEllen McKenna as the Best of Hoffman for the 3rd Quarter 2023.

MaryEllen has been a consistent, positive and enthusiastic volunteer for HEParks for more than two years. Every time an event comes up where we need a helping hand, she is one of the first people that comes to mind, and she always responds with a resounding “yes!”

For the last three summers, MaryEllen has been our resident tattoo artist/applicator at the HEParks table during the Northwest Fourth Fest. She has helped scatter eggs prior to our Easter Egg hunts, and this year she assisted at the check-in table for the Community Garage Sale. She has offered to join staff at the Mobile Outreach Recreation and Education program as well.

MaryEllen’s volunteer support is much appreciated and we look forward to working with her more in the future!

The Board of Commissioners for Hoffman Estates Park District is proud to award MaryEllen McKenna the 3rd Quarter 2023 Best of Hoffman Award.

Second Quarter 2023 – Isha Subramanian

Hoffman Estates Park District would like to recognize Isha Subramanian as the Best of Hoffman for the 2nd Quarter 2023.

Isha was selected as the first Student Liaison to the Administration & Finance committee in the Fall of 2022. She has attended almost every meeting over the past year, and has continually shared her feedback and opinions on District policies and events.

The Administration & Finance Committee was a great fit for Isha, as she has been involved in the Business Professionals of America organization through the Hoffman Estates High School. Her time spent with the Board and A&F Committee must have been beneficial, as her team placed in the top three at various State and National competitions for the Parliamentary Procedures team events.

Isha graduated from Hoffman Estates High School this spring, and will be attending the University of Illinois in the fall. We will miss having her at our meetings, but are proud to have such a bright, ambitious young woman representing our community.

The Board of Commissioners for Hoffman Estates Park District is proud to award Isha Subramanian the 2nd Quarter 2023 Best of Hoffman award.

First Quarter 2023 – Oluremi Odediran

Hoffman Estates Park District would like to recognize Oluremi Odediran as the Best of Hoffman for the 1st Quarter 2023.

Oluremi began volunteering at the Triphahn Center in May of 2022. She volunteers two times per week at the north side Front Desk. Oluremi is a very quick learner and she completes all tasks accurately and in a timely manner. We are so lucky to have her helping hand!

Oluremi is very friendly and approachable at the desk. She assists whenever she can, and if she doesn’t have the answer to a question, she will find the answer quickly. She is a wonderful communicator, and is not afraid to ask questions of her supervisor.

Oluremi and her family have also volunteered for several other events, including Winter Wonderland, park clean-up, Earth Day clean-up, seed bombing and public skate. She and her family are greatly appreciated by the HEParks staff!

We thank Oluremi for her dependable and enthusiastic efforts with the service desk and administrative duties, as well as her support of HEParks!

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