Figure Skating

US Figure Skating Sweating and Stretching

Flexibility is essential for success in skating, and  regularly engaging in an off-ice stretching routine will improve your flexibility over time. Challenge yours elf to focus on flexibility with this fun two-part workout! First, complete the dynamic warm-up “sweat” routine to ensure that your muscles are warm and your body is ready for st retching. Then, complete the st retching routine to increase your overall flexibility. When you’ re finished, check the box indicating the day of the week you completed a full #SweatAndStretch session. Complete the stretching course.

Learn To Skate Fundamentals

Learn what skaters will learn in each class and specific level course by reviewing these handouts. Class details and to register.

Basic Skills
Snowplow Sam

Group Lessons

This is the place to start to learn how to ice skate! Come join our group lessons with our experienced staff coaches that provide the critical instruction needed to achieve the proper technique and mastering of each element in your prospective level. In group lessons, the instructor’s goal is for skaters to be able to accomplish all the elements required. All skaters will receive an evaluation at the end of each session in order to know what level to sign up for the next session.

Figure Skating Academy Camps

Hoffman Estates Park District offers several camps seasonally to address the needs of new skaters to developing athletes.

Adult Figure Skating Lessons

Designed for the “later skaters”. If you have never skated before and would like to learn or you would like to brush up on your skating skills, this is the class for you. We follow the USFS Learn to Skate USA curriculum. The class is open to beginners through advanced skaters. This class will be divided into groups according to ability and enrollment. Why sit and watch your children when you can be learning too? This will be such a great way to enjoy skating as a family.

Private Lessons

Is your skater is having trouble with a certain skill or skills? Is your skater interested in competitions? This may be the time to consider adding a private lesson in addition to your group classes. These lessons are conducted during freestyle ice time. This is not public ice and skaters taking private lessons or practicing on the ice must adhere to the ice etiquette rules.

We also offer private lessons for the advanced or competitive skater, with National and master rated coaches

Contact Melissa Motyka-Ciavarella, Figure Skating Manager at MMotyka@heparks.org or 847-781-3642 for a coach referral or information on private lessons. Once you choose a coach, they will walk you through the process of Freestyle ice, fees, and times. See the FREESTYLE HOURS below for the monthly schedule.

Freestyle Hours

This time is for figure skaters to practice and/or take private lessons. For ice times, hours and more information see the link below or contact the service desk at the Triphahn Center Ice Arena.
Rates: $8 per 1/2 hour. Unlimited Freestyle available for monthly fee.

June 2020 Unlimited Freestyle Pass:  $75 (valid June 8 – July 3, 2020)

5-visit punch card pass:  $40  (expires 3 months from time of purchase)

June 2020 Freestyle Schedule

For June:  All skaters must reserve their 30-minute timeslot at least 24 business hours in advance by emailing Alisa Kapusinski.  Walk-ins will not be accepted.  Payment will not be accepted at the service desk as well.  Passes must be purchased online.  Skaters must stop at the service desk to check-in upon arrival.  All skaters must wear a face covering when entering the building and come dressed to skate with skates & skate guards on.

June Freestyle is only available for HEParks coaching staff only.   External coaches will not be able to schedule ice in June.

Skating Special Events

Hoffman Estates Park District offers many fun and exciting skating special events. Skating Events held throughout the year: Ice Show, Egg Slide, Great Pumpkin Skate, Skate with Santa and many more! Click here for more information on special events.


Intro to Skating:
Whether you are interested in figure skating or hockey this is the place to start. This is a program for beginners who haven’t had any skating experience. Your children will learn basic skating skills: balance, falling and recovery, marching in place and then gliding, one-foot balances, beginning snow plow stop and dips.

Intro to Synchro:
This is the fastest-growing discipline in National and International figure skating.

  • This is a class to introduce a National and International TEAM figure skating sport.
  • Provides the opportunity to experience teamwork, social skills, responsibility and exercise. You will be learning different formations, step sequences and a short routine to music.
  • This is also an additional competitive option for athletes who wish to compliment their singles skating with another activity.
    You must be at least Basic level 3 and between 6-16 years old.           Take a chance and try something new. It’s going to be super fun!

Contact for Figure Skating: Melissa Motyka-Ciavarella  MMotyka@heparks.org 847-885-7500   ext 503