Figure Skating

For questions regarding Figure Skating, contact Nick Cinquegrani at ncinquegrani@heparks.org

We follow the United Skates Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA curriculum. Learn what skaters will learn in each class and specific level course by reviewing these handouts. Skate rental is provided (if needed) and is included in the class fee. Helmets are not provided, but highly recommended. Class details and to register.

Snowplow Sam

This is for the beginner skater. These are introductory classes for 3-6yr olds and divided into 4 progressive levels. The classes are designed to help children learn the ABC’s of movement—Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed. Off-ice orientation prior to class consists of: checking proper fit and lacing of skates, appropriate attire, falling down and recovery, marching in place and up and down hallway. Skate rental is included in the fee of the class and safety helmets(highly recommended, but NOT provided). Each level has different criteria from beginner to advanced. There will be an evaluation at the end of the session to determine the skater’s level for the next session. View the full program description here.

About This Program:

  • Designed for ages 3-6
  • Snowplow Sam 1-4 available
  • Courses must be taken in order

Basic Skills

Basic Skills teach the FUNdamentals of skating and provides the best foundation for figure skating, hockey and speed skating. There are six progressive levels. Basic 1 and 2 are the introductory levels to learn basic skating skills, including falling and recovery, forward and backward skating, and stops. Off-ice orientation prior to class consists of: checking proper fit and lacing of skates, appropriate attire, safety helmets(recommended, not provided). Basic 3-6 develops the ability to accomplish edge skills, crossovers, and turns. There will be an evaluation to determine the skater’s level for the next session. View the full program description here.

About This Program:

  • Designed for ages 6-16 years old
  • Basic 1 & 2 are introductory courses
  • Basic 3-6 develop advanced skills
  • Basic 1-6 must be taken in order

Free Skate

Advanced classes designed for skaters who have passed Basic Skills level 6. Each free skate level is comprised of a variety of progressive skating skills, transitions, spins and jumps-all of which build on the previous skill providing a strong foundation of all elements. Instructors will focus on quality and mastery of skills. View the full program description here.

About This Program:

  • Basic 6 is a Pre-Requisite to enroll in Pre-Free Skate
  • Pre-Free Skate is introductory class for Free Skate levels.
  • Free Skate 1-6, also, available
  • Designed for ages 6+

Speed Skating

Do you have the need for speed? This class is offered as a part of the Learn To Skate USA program, but is geared for those skaters who want to race. Class is taught by experienced US speed skaters and certified coaches, and includes the use of speed skates during lessons. View the full program description here.

About This Program:

  • Designed for ages 5-18

Figure Skating Specialty Classes

About These Programs:

  • Be sure to check the pre-requisites for each class before enrolling

Group Lessons

This is the place to start to learn how to ice skate! Come join our group lessons with our experienced staff coaches that provide the critical instruction needed to achieve the proper technique and mastering of each element in your prospective level. In group lessons, the instructor’s goal is for skaters to be able to accomplish all the elements required. All skaters will receive an evaluation at the end of each session in order to know what level to sign up for the next session.

Adult Figure Skating Lessons

Designed for the “later skaters”. If you have never skated before and would like to learn or you would like to brush up on your skating skills, this is the class for you. We follow the USFS Learn to Skate USA curriculum. The class is open to beginners through advanced skaters. This class will be divided into groups according to ability and enrollment. Why sit and watch your children when you can be learning too? This will be such a great way to enjoy skating as a family.

Private Lessons

Private lessons differ from group lessons as this is one-on-one time with a coach to focus on your skater’s specific goals. If your skater is having trouble with a certain skill or skills, working toward passing a class level, or if your skater is interested in competitions, this may be the time to consider adding a private lesson in ADDITION to your group lessons.

Private lessons are also offered for the advanced or competitive skater with national and master-rated coaches.

Note: Private lessons are not affiliated with HEParks figure skating lessons. Once you have chosen a private coach, all interaction is between the parent and coach, not HEParks. All figure skating private lessons are paid directly to the coaches. Skaters must pay for ice time via the Unlimited Freestyle Pass or hourly freestyle rate.

Freestyle Hours

NOTE: NEW Freestyle qualifications and Freestyle Etiquette

Please review as each day is different. All times are subject to change.

Skaters can purchase an Unlimited Freestyle Pass for $175/month. The walk-in rate is $17/hour, payable at the service desk as soon as you arrive($10 for 30 minutes). Unlimited Freestyle Pass requires a saved credit/debit card for automatic monthly renewals. Purchase online or in-person at Triphahn Center. All Unlimited Freestyle skaters will receive an ID Pass Card to swipe in upon arrival for each visit.

US Figure Skating Sweating and Stretching

Flexibility is essential for success in skating, and  regularly engaging in an off-ice stretching routine will improve your flexibility over time. Challenge yourself to focus on flexibility with this fun two-part workout! First, complete the dynamic warm-up “sweat” routine to ensure that your muscles are warm and your body is ready for stretching. Then, complete the stretching routine to increase your overall flexibility. When you’ re finished, check the box indicating the day of the week you completed a full #SweatAndStretch session. Complete the stretching course.
Or try the 100 point challenge!

Contact for Figure Skating: Nick Cinquegrani (847) 781-3632