Health & Fitness

Fitness Centers

With three fitness clubs, HEParks offers the perfect fitness solution for everyone. Learn more about each of our facilities, their unique amenities and membership fees below.
The Club at Prairie Stone
Triphahn Center Fitness
Willow Recreation Center Fitness

Group Fitness

Group fitness can enhance your fitness experience. We offer a wide range of group fitness classes to meet the diverse fitness levels of our participants. You will find a class for everyone, classes run in sessions throughout the year. 

* Join the Club at Prairie Stone! Group Fitness is unlimited and included with a membership at The Club where there over 30 classes per week .

 There is something for everyone who wants to improve their health and fitness! From tots to active adults, couch potatoes to fitness freaks and every level in between, you’ll find something that interests you, keeps you engaged and moving toward your health and fitness goals.