Park Projects

Follow along with improvements in and around the Park District.
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Current Parks / Facility Improvements

2020 South Ridge Park Renovation

  • This project is currently in the bidding stage for construction. The bids were released back in January and due to be opened at 10am on 2/11/2020.  The project will start as soon as weather permits with a substantial completion date of September 18, 2020. 
  • During construction the ball field will not be affected in any way. The parking lot for this park will be closed and from the start of the project through the end.  The paths around the pond will be closed for a two to three week period for repairs and that timing will be determine by the contractor, WT Group, Parks and Mother Nature.  All staff will be informed once this date has been set.  With no parking lot I would not hold the fishing Derby at South Ridge in 2020.  The playground on the north side will remain open through the project and not start construction on that until the other playgrounds are open.

2020 Birch Park Renovation

  • Only engineering and planning will take place in 2020 with construction of the park in 2021.

Ice Rink 2 Renovation at the Triphahn Center

  • MN Ice was the selected contractor to complete the project. Nick Catino will be the park districts day to day supervisor of the construction, with Dustin Hugen being the overall district lead on the project.  MN Ice has provided an onsite project manager for Nick and Dustin to work with through the project.  Currently we have a two week schedule set for the beginning on March.
    • March 2 – Minnesota Ice will be begin staging some equipment.
    • March 3-7 Removal of current sheet of ice Completed
    • Setup of ventilation system, removing flags, covering pipes and speakers Completed.  
    • March 9- 13 Removal of dasher boards Completed.  

Princeton Park Renovation

  • The installation of a new playground at Princeton is currently out to bid Completed.
  • Game time was selected as the playground vendor that will be supply the new equipment for Princeton park which includes a 75 foot long zip line.
  • Parks staff will be completing the removal of the playground, existing splash pad and concrete walks. Parks staff will also be installing the splash pad at Princeton Park.

Olmstead Park and WRC Tennis/Basketball Court Repair/Color Coating

  • American Sealcoating was the selected vendor. Vendor is working on schedule.
  • Parks will be completed once night time temps are consistently above 50°F

Fabbrini Pickle Ball Conversion and Court Coloring

  • American Seal Coating was the selected vendor. Vendor is working on schedule.
  • Fencing has already been removed, concrete footings for pickle ball nets will be the next step once weather allows for concrete work.

Indoor Court Resurfacing

  • Bill Falsetti is working with a couple vendors on this project as all facilities will be completed this year.  The Club is adding more pickle ball lines and NBA three points lines and we are possible adding pickle ball lines at WRC.  Once the vendor is selected, parks will work with facility manager to setup completion of the floors.

Parking lot Crackfill and Sealcoating at BPC, Cannon and Freedom Run

  • Patriot Maintenance was the selected vendor to complete these projects. Parks is currently working with them to set up the schedule as they were just approved at the end of January. 
  • At Freedom Run the entire parking lot will be closed for one day, at Cannon we will be closing half the parking lot one day and half the other day. At BPC the work will take place over three to four days.  As soon as dates are agreed upon that information will be released.

The Club at Prairie Stone Renovation

  • Currently we are set to have a soft open on the new fitness area on March 14, 2020 and overall construction grand opening on May 16, 2020.

2020 Projects in Planning Stage

  • The Club Carpeting – Currently out to bid
  • Purchase of new soccer goals – March
  • TC north water tank replacement – Late spring early summer project
  • Pine Park Tot playground replacement – Summer project
  • Complete path resurfacing at Cannon Crossings – Fall project
  • Roof Consulting – The Club, for roof replacement in 2021
  • WRC Skylights and Elevator – Waiting on possible PARC grant results and then will start the bidding process regardless of grant.
  • LED lighting upgrades – currently upgrading at The Club and will begin looking into upgrading both ice rinks once the club is finished.

Conservation Projects

Controlled Burns

Natural Area Management

Previous Parks / Facility Improvements

Ice Rink 1 Renovation at the Triphahn Center

2019 Playground Updates – Highland Park

2019 Playground Updates – Willow & Community

2018 Playground Updates – MacArthur & Armstrong

Restrooms and Drinking Fountains

10/28/2019 Park restrooms and drinking fountains are closed for the winter. They will reopen in the spring.

Park Maintenance

Regular park maintenance will continue through the winter season including the following; custodial, tree trimming and turf repairs.  Furthermore, park visitation hours will remain the same, however snow removal will only take place at South Ridge, Fabbrini and Black Bear Parks along with all district recreational facilities. 


For further information, please contact Dustin Hugen at (847) 285-5465 or dhugen@heparks.org