Park Updates

Follow along with improvements in and around the Park District.

2023 Capital Projects

Pine Park Enhancement

  • The school district has successfully stripped the entire area for the soccer fields and has begun bringing fill material to bring the area to the proper elevation.  
  • HEPD staff completed tiling of areas on the sled hill that will be turned into natural grass for walking paths and passive areas. These areas will be seeded in the next couple of weeks (prior to 6/15/23). 
  • HEPD staff has also completed the removal of all aspects of the inline hockey rink and will begin to backfill the areas where asphalt and concrete used to be.  Once the areas are backfilled they will be seeded as well.  

Click HERE for the latest Aerial Footage of Pine Park

Crack/Seal Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts

  • Olmstead Park Tennis / Pickle Ball Courts & Basketball Court
  • Willow Recreation Center Tennis / Pickle Ball Courts
  • Fabbrini Park Tennis Court and Pickle Ball Courts
  • Black Bear Park Basketball Court
  • Huntington Park Basketball Court
  • Community Park Basketball Court

Work will take place June through August weather dependent and each court will take roughly two weeks to complete.  Signs will be posted prior to the start date at each court. 

Asphalt Maintenance – Parking Lots and Paths (multiple sites)

  • Huntington Park Playground Sidewalk
  • Bridges of Poplar Creek Parking Lot & Maintenance Area
  • Vogelei Park Parking Lot
  • Canterbury Fields Park Parking Lot
  • Cannon Crossing Parking Lot
  • Cottonwood Park Parking Lot
  • Olmstead Park Parking Lot

Work will take place based on weather conditions and Park District programing.  Sign will be posted prior to the work being completed.

TC Fitness Remodel

Fitness Center is closed from April 12, 2023 to May 6, 2023 for a renovation of the fitness center.

Willow Recreation Interior/Exterior Renovation

  • Exterior concrete work
  • Exterior stucco repairs and painting
  • New exterior doors
  • Skylight and window replacements

Fabbrini Pickle Ball Fence Replacement

The fence that surrounds the tennis and pickle ball courts at Fabbrini Park is being removed and replaced with a new fence 10 foot tall fence that will have a 6 foot windscreen on the fence.  Construction date is TBD.

Triphan Center Playground

  • Removal of existing playground and mulch.
  • Install of new playground and a synthetic turf fall surface.
  • Work to take place starting in late August through September.

Beacon Pointe Park Enhancement

Construction to start with the new walking path in April of 2023 and playground and shelter installation in September/October of 2023.

  • New 2-5 year old and 5-12 year old playground
  • New walking path to connect sidewalks on south and north side of the park.
  • New shelter and picnic area
  • HEPD crews completed in the install of drainage for the future playground site. 
  • The asphalt contractor was able to complete all earthwork for the path on 5/15/2023, and began adding the stone base for the asphalt. 
  • They plan to finish the asphalt installation prior to 5/20/2023 and then will be responsible for backfilling with topsoil, seeding and blanketing their disturbed areas.

Click HERE for the latest Aerial Footage of Beacon Pointe park

Fabbrini Oakdale Tot Playground

New 2-5 year old playground to be installed in September / October.

Huntington Playground

  • Asphalt contractor will be onsite on Wednesday 5/17 and Thursday 5/18 to complete the path around the playground. 
  • The playground should open on Friday 5/19/2023.

Click HERE for Huntington Park Plans

Click HERE for latest Aerial Footage of Huntington Park

Project to be finished in spring of 2023.

Olmstead Park

Continuing the site renovation that started in 2019, the parks maintenance team will be removing the small baseball field backstop, foul line fencing, and concrete pads from the bleacher and bench areas.  This will allow the team to complete replacement of the infield, expanding the turf area for youth soccer and increasing open use space. 

Improvements to the entire open turf area will be completed in effort to improve drainage as well as provide a safer, more uniform playing surface. 

We are looking to complete the improvements for program use this fall.

2022 Court Repairs

  • South Ridge Park Tennis Court
  • Charlemagne Park Tennis Court / Basketball Court
  • Cannon Crossing Park Tennis Court / Basketball Court
  • Victoria Park Tennis Court / Basketball Court
  • Evergreen Park Tennis Court
  • Armstrong Park Basketball Court

Completed previous Parks / Facility Improvement

Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club Toptracer Facility

Seascape Pool Boiler Replacements

  • Bid was awarded to Anchor Mechanical. Project is completed.

2021 Birch Park OSLAD Renovation

2021 Court Repair and Coloring Coating in Multiple Locations

  • Bid was awarded to American Sealcoating of Indiana. Project is completed.

2021 Parking lot Crack Fill and Seal-coating at Multiple Locations

  • Bid was awarded to Maul Enterprises. Project is completed.
  • Crack fill and Sealcoating has been completed for Triphahn Center, Fabbrini Park, Canterbury Park Place, and Canterbury Fields Park. Project is completed.

South Ridge Park Renovation

Princeton Park Renovation


Ice Rink 2 Renovation at the Triphahn Center

Fabbrini Pickle Ball Conversion and Court Coloring

Parking lot Crack Fill and Seal-coating at Bridges of Poplar Creek, Cannon Crossings, and Freedom Run Dog Park

The Club at Prairie Stone Renovation

New turf sledding area in new weight room expansion
Brand new weight room expansion.
New painted area in cardio room, leading into the spin/cycling room.
New painted area in cardio hallway
New paint around the atrium ceiling walls.
New paint on second floor mezzanine wall and duct work.

Ice Rink 1 Renovation at the Triphahn Center

2019 Playground Updates – Highland Park

2019 Playground Updates – Willow & Community

2018 Playground Updates – MacArthur & Armstrong

Conservation Projects

Controlled Burns

Natural Area Management


For further information, please contact Dustin Hugen at (847) 285-5465 or dhugen@heparks.org