Rentals Outdoors

Park Shelters

Enjoy our beautiful open-air shelters located at various parks throughout Hoffman Estates. The Hoffman Estates Park District requires a completed Rental Form to rent any park.

Shelters are available at Cannon Crossings, Canterbury Fields, Charlemagne, Community Park, Evergreen Park, Fabbrini, Field Park, Huntington, Olmstead, Pine, South Ridge, Valley Park, Victoria Park, Willow and Vogelei. Please note, park shelters near a splash pad (Community, South Ridge & Tropicana) are not rentable from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The Shelter at South Ridge Park is not available to rent during the Splash Pad Season. The spash pad season is based on weather.

How to Request a Park Shelter Rental

Complete the online submittable form or print and drop off the paper form at the Triphahn Center.

Printable Park Shelter Rental Permit Request Form

Contact Carmela Fioretto cfioretto@heparks.org, 847-885-7500. Park Rule Policy

Park Restrooms

The permanent outdoor restrooms close for the season the week of October 25, 2021.  During season, Canterbury and Vogelei Parks restrooms are open from 7:00a-8:00p. The Restrooms at Cannon Park are open from 7:00a-10:00p. The restrooms open and close on a timer. All park restroom questions and service needs will be directed to the HEParks main number.

Seascape Family Aquatic Center

Enjoy a day of swimming and sunshine rent one our party tent or bring a group for your next group outing. Seascape will provide the lifeguards. Catering packages are available at an additional cost. *All rentals and groups must be pre-arranged. Contact Liz Blake at lblake@heparks.org or 847-885-7500 x 417.

To rent the party tent or bring a group to Seascape:

Seascape Party Tent Rentals & Group Outings

    Party Tent Rentals $155 include up to 25 guests, the party tent, and a party supervisor. Outside food, other than a cake, is prohibited.

    Group Outing $5 per person, children 1 year and younger are free but count toward the guest total

    For Party Rentals a $50 deposit per reservation is required to secure your party time. $50 deposit will be deducted from remaining balance due at the date of the visit. ** Once dates are approved, a manager will call the Contact Person to collect payment due.

    Group/Camp regulations:
    • Group must maintain the following ratio of adult supervisors to students:
    - 2 years old 2:1 (participant to staff)
    - 3 years old 5:1
    - 4-8 years old 8:1
    - 9-12 years old 12:1

    • Group adult supervisors must be attentive to where their students are at all times.
    • Groups shall not have use of the lawn chairs.
    • Groups will inform aquatic manager of any high risk swimmers (i.e. seizure prone).
    • All children should be swim tested prior to visit and non-swimmers should be given a RED wristband (Available upon request).
    • ONLY USCG (US Coast Guard) approved lifejackets (PFD) will be allowed in the pool and only if the parent/guardian/staff member remains an arm’s length away from the child using such PFD.
    • Groups must follow all pool rules.
    • In the event of an emergency, please gather students at their towels and follow the directions of the aquatic staff.
    • No outside food will be brought into the facility. Groups are welcomed to picnic outside the facility in the grass area as long as garbage is disposed of in appropriate receptacles.

    I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am are the sponsor or appointed representative of the organization requesting use of the facility. I hereby expressly agree, individually and on behalf of said organization, to indemnify and forever hold harmless the Hoffman Estates Park District as to any claim or claims which arise out of the use of the facility. In addition, I have read the rules governing the use of park district facilities, as printed on the reverse side of this form, and expressly agree, individually and on behalf of said organization, to abide by these rules while using the facility.

    Since Seascape is an outdoor facility there is a chance the facility may close due to weather. The Seascape Pool Manager will make that decision on a daily basis. If your group decides to enter the facility, there will be no refunds issued due to inclement weather.

    Terms and Conditions:
    1. Once approved, (User Group/Renter) shall have the use of the facility for the date(s) and time(s) stated herein, and subject to the facilities group or rental fee as provided herein.
    2. (User Group/Renter) shall fully comply with all Hoffman Estates Park District rules, regulations, and ordinances in connection with the use of the facility.
    3. ONLY USCG (US Coast Guard) approved lifejackets (PFD) will be allowed in the pool and only if staff remains an arm’s length away from the child using such PFD.
    4.(User Group/Renter) shall fully comply with the attached Pool Rules & Regulations.
    5. The Hoffman Estates Park District reserves the right to amend the rules, as needed, to serve the best interests of the Park District.
    6. (User Group/Renter) is solely responsible for the actions of any member of (User Group/Renter’s) group and shall provide adequate adult supervision (age 16 or older) of group at all times.
    7.(User Group/Renter) Supervision ratios shall minimally meet the following.
    a. 2 years old 2:1 (participant to staff)
    b. 3 years old 5:1
    c. 4 years old 8:1
    d. 5 years old 8:1
    e. 5-8 years old 8:1
    f. 9-12 years old 12:1

    8. Participants in User Groups, 10 years of age and younger, must be swim tested before or upon entering facility. Swimmers provided with green wrist band, non-swimmers provided with red wrist band.
    9. All adult supervisors with the User Group must be readily identifiable as being with that group for emergency contact purposes.
    10. The Hoffman Estates Park District shall provide lifeguard staff for users of the facility. (User Group/Renter) fully understands and agrees that lifeguards are not responsible for supervising (User Group/Renter’s) group. Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing rules and regulations and responding to emergencies.
    11. (User Group/Renter) is solely responsible for the safety and security of any property brought to the facility. The Hoffman Estates Park District is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items.
    12. NO outside food or drink allowed within the aquatic center fence.
    13. (User Group/Renter) shall ensure that there is at least one adult supervisor fluent in English and on site at all times during (User Group/Renter’s) use of the facility.
    14. The Hoffman Estates Park District retains the right to cancel this agreement at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to inclement weather, misconduct of the (User Group/Renter) (or any member of (User Group/Renter’s) or for misuse of property, for purposes deemed necessary for public safety or preservation of property, if termination serves the interests of Park District residents, or because the (User Group/Renter) has breached any of its obligations under this Agreement.
    15. (User Group/Renter) agrees to protect, indemnify, save, defend, and hold harmless the Hoffman Estates Park District, including its officers, officials, employees, agents and volunteers (collectively “Park District”) from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, claims, damages, causes of action, costs and expenses, (including reasonable attorney fees) which the Park District may become obligated by reason of any accident or injury (including death by drowning) arising indirectly or directly in connection with or under this use agreement, whether such loss, damage, injury or liability is contributed to by the negligence of the Hoffman Estates Park District or by the premises themselves or any equipment thereon whether latent or patent, or from other causes whatsoever.
    16. (User Group/Renter) shall maintain general liability insurance for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage during the term of this agreement.
    17. (User Group/Renter) insurance shall name the Hoffman Estates Park District as additional insured and shall contain no special limitation on the scope of protection afforded the Hoffman Estates Park District. The insurance shall have limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for injury or death. Renter’s insurance shall be primary insurance as respects the Hoffman Estates Park District. Any insurance or self-insurance maintained by the Hoffman Estates Park District shall be in excess of Renter’s insurance and shall not contribute with it. Renter’s insurer shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation against the Hoffman Estates Park District.
    18. (User Group/Renter) shall provide a certificate of insurance verifying compliance with the above insurance requirements and naming the Hoffman Estates Park District as an additional insured, accompanied by a properly executed additional insured endorsement using CG 2011 or equivalent, and specifying the rental date(s) no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the rental date(s).
    19. This rental agreement may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Hoffman Estates Park District due to misrepresentation of (User Group/Renter), the misconduct of individuals in the group or for misuse of property. Future rentals may not be issued to (User Group/Renter).

    This agreement must be signed by an authorized agent or representative of (User Group/Renter), age 21 or older.

    By clicking this accept button you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this contract.

    Outdoor Event Area at Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club

    8,200-square-foot event area with a majestic gazebo and waterfall makes for aesthetically exceptional weddings and other special occasions. For large, mid-size and small groups, style options from formal to casual fare rule the perfectly executed day. Our outdoor event area is a perfect place to hold a special event. Contact Jennifer Fuller,  jfuller@heparks.org, 847-285-5400.

    Field Rental Fees

    Resident Per Hour & 501c3 GroupsCommercial &
    Non-Resident Per Hour
    Field Usage$39$55
    Cannon Crossing (East or West) LIghted Soccer Field - Full Field+$75+$85
    Cannon Crossing (West) Lighted Soccer Field - Half Field+$40+$50
    Cannon Crossing Lighted Baseball/Softball Field+$50+$60
    Cannon Crossing Lighted Football Field+$75+$85
    Eisenhower Track$39$55
    Cricket/Baseball Batting Cage (Canterbury)$20$25

    * To receive resident rates the group must have 70% residency within their group. All rentals must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Hoffman Estates Park District as additionally insured. 

    Application Deadlines

    Resident Groups (comprised of at least 70% resident players)
    Spring and Summer: February 15
    Fall: June 1

    Non-Resident Groups (comprised of less than 70% resident players)
    Spring and Summer: March 15
    Fall: July 1

    Application Instructions

    Field Rental Application Packet
    Park Rule Policy

    Please read the rental procedures, fill out one athletic field use permit application per rental day (filling out the permit completely), and include the necessary paperwork so your permit can be reviewed on time. * If the Hoffman Estates Park District does not receive all items, we reserve the right to delay or cancel any requests. All requests are determined equally.

    Submit your forms to the following Athletic Managers:

    • Soccer,  Football & Track (Outdoor), Baseball, Softball, Cricket Field Requests
    • Kyle Thomas
      1685 West Higgins Road
      Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60160