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1685 West Higgins Road  – 847-885-7500

A fitness center that fits your life. Sneak in a workout while your child participates in a program. Stop by for a lifting session on the way back from the store. Put a few miles in during your lunch break. Memberships are available for Adults, Seniors, Teens and Students (13-15yo).

Membership includes:

  • Card Access to the Fitness Center
  • Inspiring fitness challenges
  • Gymnasium Access (call for availability)
  • Indoor Track
  • Lockers (Provide your own lock.)
  • Whirlpool & Sauna
  • Free Equipment Orientation
  • Discounts on Personal Training
  • Free membership opportunities via the referral program

Yes! Renew Active, Prime Silver Sneakers and health insurance memberships are accepted.

Workout While You Wait

Receive 10% off your monthly membership fee if you have a family member enrolled in a HEParks program at the Triphahn Center.

An Affordable Fitness Solution Close to Home

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Fitness Membership

$23 per month

  • Ages 18+
  • $23ID/$25OD per month
  • Additional Member $21ID/$23OD per month

Senior Membership

$21 per month

  • Ages 62+
  • $21ID/$23OD per month
  • Additional Senior Member $19ID/$21OD per month

Student Membership

$21per month

  • 15-23 years
  • Must show valid school ID
  • $21ID/$23OD per month
  • Additional Student Member $19ID/$21OD per month

Junior Membership

$21 per month

  • 13-14 years*
  • $21ID/$23OD per month
  • Additional Junior Member $19ID/$21OD per month
  • *Jr Members must be accompanied by a member 18 years and older at all times

Triphahn Center Fitness Center Amenities

Versa Leg Press / Calf Press Versa Leg Press / Calf Press
The versatile design of our Versa Leg Press / Calf Press station makes building and toning major leg muscles more efficient and comfortable than ever. A low step-over height and an assistance handle offer easy access for virtually anyone. One-handed adjustments make getting started quick, while an air-shock assisted foot platform makes every adjustment smooth.
Versa Leg Press / Calf Press

Versa Leg Extension / Leg Curl
Help your users tone and refine the muscles of their legs with the smart design of our dual station. Clearly indicated, conveniently located adjustment points make use intuitive and provide users with a hard stop to help prevent injury. Dual-action CAM enables a smooth transition between exercises. Back pad ratchets forward for easy adjustment from the seated position.
Versa Leg Extension / Leg Curl

Versa Hip Abductor / Adductor
Offer your people more functionality in less space with our Versa Hip Abductor / Adductor dual station. It transitions smoothly from one exercise to the other, and clearly indicated adjustment points make it easy for virtually anyone to get comfortable and get started. It even includes a reclined position to maximize lumbar support during workouts.
Versa Hip Abductor / Adductor

Versa Multi Press
This station makes building and toning major upper-body muscles accessible, efficient and comfortable. It’s specifically designed for easy entry and exit, and the dual-position grips provide excellent training variety. It includes clearl adjustment points for easy use, a reclined position to maximize lumbar support and elevated footrests for superior stability and comfort during heavy lifts.
Versa Multi Press

Versa Bicep / Tricep
Help your users tone and refine the muscles of their arms with the smart design of our Versa Biceps / Triceps dual station. Clearly indicated adjustments make use intuitive for virtually anyone, while the foot platform offers excellent stability. Count on the stainless-steel cable guides to provide lasting durability, even in the busiest environments.
Versa Bicep / Tricep

Versa Ab / Low Back
Designed for efficiency and versatility, our Versa Ab / Low Back station makes a great core workout accessible to virtually anyone. An angled seat and lumbar pad make use comfortable, while low handle positioning offers easy entry, easy exit and enhanced stability. Clearly indicated adjustments make use intuitive, and multi-position foot placement accommodates a variety of users.
Versa Ab / Low Back

Versa Lat Pulldown / Seated Row
The thigh pad easily adjusts to provide stability and comfort when building and toning major back muscles, and clearly indicated adjustment points make it easy for virtually anyone to get started. Elevated footrests provide added stability during heavy lifts, and stainless-steel cables offer lasting durability in hard-use environments.
Versa Lat Pulldown / Seated Row

Versa Pec Fly / Rear Delt
Make the most of your space with the smart design of our Versa Pec Fly / Rear Delt dual station. Designed to focus on major upper-body muscles, it features oversized grips to accommodate users of all sizes. Additionally, the forward-facing user position makes every rep more comfortable and natural.
Versa Pec Fly / Rear Delt

Versa Chin / Dip Assist
Our Versa Chin / Dip Assist station packs a remarkable range of functionality into a space-efficient footprint. Multi-position pull-up handles offer exercise variety, and ideally angled dip grips encourage proper wrist placement and muscle variation. The gas-assisted knee platform even folds up for unassisted bodyweight exercises. Clearly indicated, conveniently located adjustment points make use intuitive and provide users with a hard stop to help prevent injury. The knee platform features a protective top pad for stability, while the large, textured foot platforms make it easy to get on and off.
Versa Chip / Dip Assist
Matrix Performance Premium Treadmill
For runners who demand intense performance and comfort in one, our Performance Treadmill exceeds expectations. Precision-engineered and powerful, our durable components stand up to heavy use, high-intensity workouts and performance training for years, and smart maintenance features make it easy to keep it ready for a steady stream of true enthusiasts.
Matrix Performance Premium Treadmill

Matrix Performance Premium Elliptical
The premium design of our durable Performance Elliptical offers a dynamic exercise experience. Patented suspension design minimizes noise and friction to extend product life, while constant rate of acceleration and refined ergonomics make workouts ultra-smooth and comfortable.
Matrix Performance Premium Elliptical
The Peloton Bike for Commercial Facilities
Bring an immersive cardio experience that’s like no other to your exercises with the Peloton Bike, equipped with features for use in commercial fitness settings. Our commercial subscription opens the door for unlimited riders to experience the popular expert-led classes for free without their own Peloton subscription.

Riders can access live or on-demand classes that offer a variety of music genres, ability levels, class types and lengths, or step off the Bike and try yoga, strength training or stretching. With options like Just Ride, Scenic Rides and the new Peloton Lanebreak,™ a gamified workout experience, there’s simply more to do on or off a Peloton Bike.

The Peloton Bike transports each rider to the center of a studio class with a 21.5” HD touchscreen, compatible with standard or Bluetooth® headphones. The belt drive and magnetic resistance keep it whisper-quiet while in use, and after 3 minutes of inactivity, the rider’s account will be logged out.
Functional Trainer
• Pull-up bar to provide a variety of exercise options
• Attachments: Small bar, ankle cuff, 24″ tricep rope & pair ofnylon grip handles
• 2 x 160 lb weight stacks
• Dual roller mechanism or pulley housing provides a smooth and easy adjustment; adjustment positions per column – from 12″ up to 69″
Functional Trainer
Smith Machine              
  • Counterweighted lifting arm reduces starting weight to 14lbs
  • The rotating bar easily fits into slots
  • 8 height positions
  • Dual safety stops allow user to lift independently
  • Heavy-duty 11-gauge tubing for durability
  • Size: 89″H x 87″W x 57″D
 Smith Machine
Power Bench
  • Crinkle Black Electrostatic Powdercoat
  • Constructed completely of 8 & 10 gauge Square Tubing
  • EZ-Handle design and rear transport wheels for mobility
  • Flat to Incline w/Separate Seat Adjustment
  • Wide 12″ Back Pad for Stability
  • Stands Upright to provide smaller storage footprint
Power Bench
Power 1/2 Rack
  • 3×3 Steel Uprights
  • Laser Cut Numbering System
  • J Hooks & Safety Spotter Arms
  • Location Adjustable Plate Horns
  • Multi Chin-Up Positions INCLUDED
  • 1″ Heavy Case Hardened Hardware
  • Welded Endcaps
  • Crinkle Black Electrostatic Powdercoat
  • Heavy-duty 8 & 10 gauge Square Tubing
  •  Size: 96″x 72″ -480  lbs
Power 1/2 Rack
  • Rowers
  • NuStep
  • Upright Bikes
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • AMT
  • Arc Trainer
  • Stair Master
  • TRX Bands
  • Half-Rack

Personal Training

Discover the benefits of working with a personal trainer. Our highly-qualified trainers at each facility can design a workout plan customized to suit your needs and provide ongoing motivation and support to help you reach your fitness goals! Each new fitness member receives a complimentary equipment orientation by a personal trainer and there is no obligation, but if you’d like to continue working with your trainer, we have several packages from which to choose. Click here for more information.

Fitness Classes

Click here for information on our Fitness Classes.

Contact Kimberly Barton at kbarton@heparks.org