Bo’s Run & Freedom Run Dog Parks

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The Hoffman Estates Park District offers two open spaces for dogs to run without their leashes, with ample amenities for dogs and their best friends to enjoy the outdoors together. Bo’s Run is on the north side of Hoffman Estates at Willow Recreation Center and Freedom Run is located on the far west side at 6150 Russell Road, and is a park shared with the City of Elgin and the Streamwood Park District. For more information on park rules and membership, call 847-285-5440.

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Open daily year round from sun up to sun down, these fully fenced off-leash parks offer a dedicated open space to play with your dog without their leash. Features include small dog park area, agility equipment, dog water service, entrance holding areas, waste disposal bags, picnic tables and swipe card entry.

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Membership Fees

Documentation from your vet is required upon registration showing your dog is current with all vaccines including rabies, distemper, para influenza, parvo virus, bordetella, leptospirosis and a current negative fecal test. *This is required by The Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control. Read the Regulation.

Purchase your membership at Willow Recreation Center, The Club at Prairie Stone, or Triphahn Center.

Documentation from your vet is required showing your dog is current with all of the following vaccines: rabies, distemper, hepatitis, para influenza, parvo virus, Bordetella, leptospirosis and a current negative fecal test.  After purchase, please email all vaccine documentation from your vet to Diane at dgerke@heparks.org.  The entrance keyfob will be mailed to each new member within one week of receiving vaccine documentation.

Combination Bo’s Run and Freedom Run Membership Fees:
First Dog — $74 / $109
Additional Dogs — $25 / $30

Freedom Run Membership Fees:
First Dog — $49 / $69
Additional Dogs — $15 / $20

Bo’s Run Membership Fees:
First Dog — $49 / $69
Additional Dogs — $15 / $20
Daily Guest Pass* — $5 per day with all documentation of vaccines.          * Bo’s Run only

Dog Park Rules

1. This off leash area is to be used only by dogs with a Hoffman Estates Park District off leash park membership.
2. To purchase a membership, dogs must have current vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Para Influenza, Parvo Virus, Leptospirosis, Kennel Cough / Bordatella and negative fecal test. All dogs must also have valid dog license from the village or city corresponding to the dog owner’s home address
3. Membership is an annual membership. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
1. Do not allow people or dogs in the park who do not have a key fob, even a not working key fob. Call HEParks at 847-285-5440 or 847-885-7500 to inquire why the fob is not working. Please report anyone entering without a fob to HEParks or call 911.
2. Dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the park. Leashes must be removed once in the park. Handlers must have leash in their possession at all times.
3. A handler age 18 or older must be present at all times and is solely responsible for the actions of their dog(s).
4. Children must be at least 6 years of age and accompanied by a parent/guardian 18 years or older to enter the dog park. Children must remain beside the parent/guardian at all times and may not play on dog park equipment.
5. Only dogs under 25 pounds may use the “small dog” park side of each park.
6. Dogs in heat (estrus) are not permitted in the park.
7. Dogs under 4 months of age are not permitted in the park.
8. No food for human consumption, or meals for dogs are allowed. Dog handlers may give dog treats only to their dog(s).
9. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers permitted.
10. Handlers are limited to two dogs per visit.
11. Dogs not leashed outside of the dog park are subject to fines and loss of membership.
1. The dog owner agrees to assume the full risk of any injuries, damage or loss connected with or associated with the use of the dog park.
2. If your dog injures another dog or handler, give your name and phone number to the injured party. Incidents can be reported to the police by calling 911 or by calling HEParks at 847-285-5440.
3. Aggressive dogs must be removed from the park immediately. Excessive barking is strongly discouraged and may result in the temporary or permanent loss of park privileges.
4. Cooperation between handlers is expected and required.
1. Handlers must immediately pick up after their dog(s), and fill all holes their dog digs.
2. Toys are permitted at your own risk. Please do not leave any toys at the park as they may harm other dogs or be destroyed/thrown away during maintenance.
3. Water is available (during summer) at the park. Please bring your own container. Do not leave containers at the park.

3600 Lexington Drive –  
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This 2 acre green space is named after Bo, the Hoffman Estates Police Department’s first K-9. Bo graduated from The Chicago Police Department’s Canine Training Center certified as a patrol and narcotic dog. This park is dedicated to all the Civil Service dogs that have served our community.

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Bo’s Biography
4/20/93 to 8/22/05. Service Dates: 4/13/94 to 2/3/03. Bo graduated from The Chicago Police Department’s Canine Training Center certified as a patrol and narcotics dog. During Bo’s service time, he amassed over 1,465 canine service calls. In addition to Bo’s service to the Hoffman Estates Police Department, he served over twenty local police departments and nine county, state and federal agencies.

Bo’s accomplishments include the recovery of over one hundred pounds of various narcotics, one hundred articles of narcotic paraphernalia and $130,000 in currency. Bo was credited with the life-saving recovery of one person on a track and thirty suspects. Bo also located fifteen articles of evidence and participated in over one hundred officer safety uses. Bo enjoyed his contacts with the citizens and public relations.

6150 Russell Road     View in Google Maps

This four acre green space is dedicated to Military Service Dogs who have served bravely alongside the men and women of our armed forces. Several plaques are planned to be erected to honor these dogs and their handlers. Registration available at City of Elgin, Streamwood Park District, The Club at Prairie Stone, Triphahn Center, and Willow Recreation Center.

“This is just a great place to let your dog free to run and get all that extra energy out!” – Walter M.

Dog Special Events

Hoffman Estates Park District offers many fun and exciting dog special events. Dog Events held throughout the year: Doggie Extravaganza, Doggie Costume Contest and many more! For more information on special events.

For more information on dog parks or facilities please contact Nick Wirth or call (847) 285-5442