Two great ways to learn to swim:

Indoor Swimming

Using an enhanced swim lesson curriculum, our swim instructors will provide children with concentrated instruction through private and small group lessons. Private lessons or small group lessons (with a max of 3-4 children per group) give your child the additional attention and instruction to focus on developing their swimming skills. All swim instructors will wear face shields to protect your child and themselves. 

Indoor swimming lessons are available year-round at The Club at Prairie Stone (5050 Sedge Boulevard). Students will become confident in the water and refine their strokes so they can swim. Hoffman Estates Park District offers Lessons for Parent-Tot to Adults.

Members of the Club at Prairie Stone
receive resident rates!

* We strongly encourage swim participants to attend on the day and time of scheduled lessons. Make-up classes are not available. Refunds will not be issued after the class start date.

Can’t attend these days and times and would like your own private or semi-private lesson?

Summer Outdoor at 
Seascape Family Aquatic Center

Seascape Family & Aquatic Center (1300 Moon Lake Boulevard) This award-winning water park offers hours of summertime fun for the whole family. Toddlers, teenagers, parents, and even grandparents are sure to find what they’re looking for in one of Seascape’s many amenities, click here to learn more about Seascape Family & Aquatic Center.

Swimming is one of those life skills everyone should have, if only for safety reasons. Outdoor swimming lessons for Parent-Tots to Levels 6 are available seasonally at Seascape Family & Aquatic Center For class details and to register for all Swimming Lessons – click here.

Contact for Swimming: Shelby Mepham

* Outdoor Swimming Lesson Cancellation Plan — Please call the weather hotline at 847-310-3626 x1 for updated information regarding Seascape cancellation or closing.  If there is heavy rain, thunder, or lightning present during swim lessons they will be canceled. The decision to cancel morning lessons will be made by 7:45 am,
and Saturday lessons by 8:30 am. A make-up class will be added to the end of
the session.

Swim training on your schedule

For families who are unable to attend the group or private lessons scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Custom private lessons are scheduled around your custom schedule.

Elite Custom Private Swimming Lessons

How it works!

Once the form is filled out we will contact you with your instructor

All lessons will be purchased on the first day of scheduled lesson with instructor

Packages: All packages are made up of five 30 minute classes.
5 pass – $175 private, $35/lesson
5 pass – $110 semi-private (2), $22/lesson per person*
* Fee split between participants. Participants should be around the same age and swim level.

All passes expire one year from the date of purchase.

Tested, efficient and fun swim instruction for every level

HEParks teaches swimmers of all ages how to swim using our skill-based curriculum. Perfected over the past forty years the lessons combine traditional and modern swim instruction so swimmers receive the best instruction during their lessons.

Swim Levels

  • Identify basic safety rules (choosing & using a lifejacket, always have direct supervision within arms reach of child)
  • Safe water entry and exit (walk-in, ladder, from side)
  • Water exploration
  • Front float with support
  • Kicking legs in front position with support
  • Back float with support
  • Kicking legs in back position with support
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Explore submerging mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Rolling from back to front with support
  • Rolling from front to back with support
  • Listen & follow directions
  • Identify basic safety rules (no running, no swimming alone, no deep water)
  • Comfortable in the water
  • Blow bubbles
  • Pick up submerged object in 2 feet of water
  • Front float with support
  • Back float with support
  • Lay on front at zero depth with face in water
  • Lay on back at zero depth with ears in water
  • Alligator walk (arm action in zero depth)
  • Bobbing, 5 times
  • Swim kicks from wall
  • Arm movement from wall

• Level 1 Small Group Lessons

  • Listen & follow directions
  • Enter water using ladder or side
  • Exit water using ladder or side
  • Blow bubbles, 3 seconds
  • Bobbing, 10 times
  • Pick up submerged object, face under water
  • Front float, 3 seconds
  • Front glide (with support)
  • Recover from a front float to a vertical position
  • Back float, 3 seconds, ears in water
  • Back glide (with support)
  • Recover from back float to a vertical position
  • Alternating arm action on front (with support)
  • Alternating leg action on front (with support)
  • Combined stroke on front (with support)

• Level 2 Small Group Lessons

  • Listen & follow directions
  • Enter water by stepping or jumping from the side
  • Exit water using ladder or side
  • Bobbing, 10 times, completely under water
  • Retrieve submerged object
  • Front float for 5-10 seconds & recover
  • Front glide
  • Back float for 5-10 seconds & recover
  • Back glide
  • Roll over from front float to back float
  • Roll over from back float to front float
  • Alternating arm action on front, 15 feet
  • Alternating leg action on front, 15 feet
  • Combined on front with face in water, 15 feet
  • Alternating arm action on back, 15 feet
  • Alternating leg action on back, 15 feet
  • Combined on back, 15 feet
• Level 3 Small Group Lessons
  • Listen & follow directions
  • Enter water by jumping water
  • Bobbing while moving toward safety
  • Back float, 30 seconds
  • Perform rotary breathing, holding wall and kicking
  • Flutter kick on front after push off from wall
  • Flutter kick on back after push off from wall
  • Tread water, 30 seconds
  • Front crawl with rotary breathing, 15 yards
  • Back crawl, activity pool width
  • Elementary backstroke, activity pool width
  • Survival float, 30 seconds without touching the ground
  • Whip kick

• Level 4 Small Group Lessons

  • Listen & Follow Directions
  • Swim underwater, 10 yards
  • Survival or back float, 1 minute
  • Front crawl open turn, push off streamlined
  • Backstroke open turn, push off streamlined
  • Tread water, 1 minute
  • Front crawl, 25 yards
  • Backstroke, 25 yards
  • Breaststroke, 15 yards
  • Flutter kick on front with kickboard, 25 yards
  • Flutter kick on back with kickboard, 25 yards
  • Dolphin kick, 15 yards
  • Scissor kick, 15 yards
  • Elementary backstroke, 25 yards
  • Circle swimming
  • Understand diving rules & water safety skills
• Level 5 Small Group Lessons
  • Continuous swim (any stroke), 5 minutes - no stopping
  • Swim underwater, 25 yards
  • Back float, 2 minutes
  • Front flip turn while swimming
  • Backstroke flip turn while swimming
  • Tread water, 2 minutes
  • Front crawl, 100 yards
  • Backstroke, 100 yards
  • Flutter kick on front with kickboard, 50 yards
  • Flutter kick on back with kickboard, 50 yards
  • Breaststroke, 25 yards
  • Butterfly, 15 yards
  • Elementary backstroke, 25 yards
  • Butterfly open turn Breaststroke open turn
  • Scissor kick, 25 yards

• Level 6 Small Group Lessons

  • Continuous swim, 10 minutes
  • Survival or back float, 5 minutes
  • Tread water, 5 minutes
  • Tread water, kicking only, 2 minutes
  • Front crawl, 200 yards
  • Backstroke, 200 yards
  • Breaststroke, 50 yards
  • Butterfly, 50 yards
  • Elementary backstroke, 100 yards
Not available in fall • Level 7 Small Group Lessons
    Level 7 classes are only held at Seascape.
    • Freestyle 300 yards
    • Backstroke 300 yards
    • Breaststroke 200 yards
    • Butterfly 100 yards
    • Sidestroke 100 yards
    • Elementary Backstroke 100 yards
    • 500 yards Swim (100 Free, 100 Back, 300 Choice)
    • Competitive Starts
    • Feet First Surface Dives

Book your own Private or Semi Private lesson with one of our advanced swim instructors. Lesson times and dates are scheduled directly with the swim instructor. To request Elite Custom Lessons, please contact Kimberly Barton at (847) 285-5535 kbarton@heparks.org

Lifeguard Training and Certification

Summer season lifeguard training and recertification

Want to be a lifeguard? Need recertification? Lifeguard certification classes are offered in the spring each year.

Lifeguarding is a great summer job! Ages 16+. Up to 40 hours per week. The fun doesn’t have to stop in September – year-round lifeguarding positions are available for those with lifeguard training.

Be a lifeguard with HEParks

New Lifeguard Training and Certification

Lifeguard recertification program

Aquatic Fitness – the splashy way to get fit

Aqua Group Fitness Classes

Get stronger and leaner without impact on your joints using water resistance, aquatic dumbbells, and noodles. Great total body workout for all levels of fitness. Come jump, kick, and splash your way through our energizing aqua group fitness classes. For more information call 847-285-5400 or visit theclubps.com to view a group fitness schedule. Classes are complimentary for members of The Club. A guest fee applies for non-members of The Club.

Year-Round Aquatics with HEParks

Visit the Seascape Family Aquatic Center Page to learn about the outdoor pool and aquatic center. The facility opens Memorial Day Weekend.

Indoor Activity Pool at The Club at Prairie Stone

The Club at Prairie Stone (5050 Sedge Boulevard) activity pool provides a family-fun atmosphere complete with zero-depth entry and playful fountains. The aquatic center is also home to a four-lane indoor lap pool is an inviting option for swimmers interested in perfecting their technique or simply enjoying a water workout. The aquatic center has spacious family, men’s, and women’s locker rooms. Swimmers may also enjoy the whirlpool.

* For the safety of swim lesson participants, activity pool usage is restricted during select swim lesson sessions.

Individual Rate $68R/$79NR
Family of 2$116R/$131NR
Family of 3$162R/$185NR
Family of 4$207R/$239NR
Family of 5$254R/$293NR
Family of 6$300R/$347NR
Family of 7$346R/$401NR
Senior Individual$47R/$53NR
Senior Couple$84R/$95NR

Activity Pool FAQs

This pass will allow pass holders use of the Activity Pool at The Club at Prairie Stone.
Anyone can purchase a pass. Those under 3 years of age do not have to purchase a pass and can use the pool when accompanied by their pass holder parent. Minors (under 18yo) cannot purchase passes without a parent also purchasing a pass.
The Annual Activity Pool Pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Yes, the Activity Pool is not available during our group swim lesson times. These times are Tuesday and Thursday, 5:15P-7:30P and Saturdays from 8:30a-11:15a. Occasionally there are special events that would limit pool access. Notice will be posted in advance for special events.
Yes, Activity Pool Pass holders can use the Community Locker Rooms at the front of the facility. There is a male/female/family locker room available. Lockers are available in all locker rooms. No need to bring a lock, each locker is equipped with a keyless locking mechanism.
Some reminders; Please bring your own towels, food is not allowed on the pool deck but any snacks can be enjoyed in our lounge seating near the facility entrance, only coastguard-approved floating devices are allowed, swim diapers must be worn for those not potty trained. Whirlpool use is limited to those 16 years, or older. No Lifeguards on duty.