Early Childhood

“Pre” Preschool

Our “pre” preschool options are designed for children who want to attend preschool, but are younger than the traditional preschool age requirement.

  • 2’s Playschool is for children 21-32 months.
  • 3’s Playschool is for children who turn 3 between September 1-December 1.

2’s Playschool 2022-2023 – Click here to register!

Does your toddler want to go to school too? This class is available for children 21-32 months. This class is the perfect class for the toddler who is ready to go to the big school too! Children will learn socialization skills and early cognitive learning skills through songs, stories, crafts, and free play.

Gradual separation from a parent will help your child prepare for preschool. A parent/caregiver will attend school with the child from September – December. After winter break, 15 minutes will be added to the class and the parent/caregiver will attend only the last 15 minutes of each class. This will allow the child to adjust to attending class without the parent/caregiver. Please note, when the parent/caregiver is not in the classroom, he/she must remain in the building as the teacher is not responsible for changing diapers. Children must be 21 months old by September 1, 2022, in order to enroll in this class. Children may begin anytime during the school year while space is available. **Participants in the 2’s Playschool class will receive priority registration for next year’s 2023 preschool or 3’s Playschool.

For more information, contact Natalie Wood, Early Childhood Program Manager.

3’s Playschool 2022-2023Click here to register!

This pre-preschool program is designed for children who turn 3 years old between September 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Taught by a preschool teacher in a preschool classroom setting. Activities such as songs, stories, free play at learning centers, crafts, outside fun and gym time. Children may be in Pull-Ups. (Teachers will not be responsible for changing Pull-Ups.) 15 minutes will be added to the length of class beginning in January 2023 to prepare the children for a longer preschool day. Fees can be prorated for children who begin during the school year.

* 8 monthly payments with $75 non-refundable registration fee.

For more information, contact Natalie Wood, Early Childhood Program Manager.

Enrichment Programs

Let your child learn to cook, paint and more! Use these classes to extend your preschool.

Enrichment programs include are cooking, science, and nature classes. These classes will be back starting in the fall. Check back in August for a fall offerings.

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Parent Tot

Take a class with your child! Learn more here.

Contact for Preschool: Natalie Wood 847-285-5561.

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