Parent Tot Programs

Take a class with your child! Participating in programs with your little one can be effective in helping them learn and try new things all while within reach of a familiar hand.


Children will learn socialization skills and early cognitive learning skills through songs, stories, crafts, and free play. Play with us!


With a parent in-water, this class is designed to facilitate familiarity with the water and build comfort. Instructors will act as facilitators and coordinate both structured and unstructured activities to promote water exploration.

Learn to Skate

This is a class designed for beginner skaters and one parent to be able to help their tot become comfortable on the ice. The parent is there to help their tot skater with the instructor’s guidance. This also gives the parent and child the opportunity to skate together.


Over, under, forward and back – there’s an adventure in every class. With the help of their parents, children use incline, rolling and cartwheel mats, along with traditional gymnastic equipment, to improve strength, coordination, balance and confidence.


Parent/Child classes are a great way to spend quality time with your child, while conditioning muscles, developing coordination and improving cardiovascular fitness.


Nothing is more basic then a push button reel, bucket of worms and a bobber. In this class the main focus is learning to cast, catching fish and growing a passion for the outdoors. Knot tying, baiting the hook and releasing fish is all instructor assisted. All equipment and bait is provided.


Our soccer basics class teaches the essentials starting blocks to build your athletes soccer career. Learn control, passing, shooting, dribbling, and much more to make sure your young soccer star has the essential foundation to excel in soccer!