Board/Committee Meetings

All Board & Committee Meetings are held at the Triphahn Center (1685 West Higgins Road in Hoffman Estates) unless otherwise stated.  See 2020 Calendar of Board & Committee Meetings or Packets for exact times (below):

2020 Calendar of Board/Committee Meetings

Past Board and Committee Packets (2009-2019)

For a list of other documents and reports, check our FOIA & Transparency Center

2020 Board & Committee Meetings    
Buildings & GroundsJanuary 21, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
RecreationJanuary 21, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
Special Board MeetingJanuary 21, 2020AgendaMinutes
Regular Board MeetingJanuary 28, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
& Finance
January 28, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
Buildings & GroundsFebruary 18, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
RecreationFebruary 18, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
Regular Board MeetingFebruary 25, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
& Finance
February 25, 2020PacketAgendaMinutes
Buildings & GroundsMarch 17, 2020Cancelled
RecreationMarch 17, 2020Cancelled
Special Board MeetingMarch 17, 2020Cancelled
Emergency Board MeetingMarch 18, 2020PacketAgenda
Regular Board MeetingMarch 24, 2020
Administration & FinanceMarch 24, 2020Cancelled

REGULAR BOARD MEETINGS4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Addresses the business affairs of the Park District. These meetings are open to the public. Residents are welcome to attend.

Standing Committees are comprised of up to five residents (community representatives) and two Park Commissioners appointed by the Board annually. District staff report to the Standing Committees on a monthly basis. Once each report is received, reviewed, and subsequently approved by the Committee, the Committee then makes its recommendation to the full Board during the monthly Board meeting. Community Representatives do not vote as members of the full park board.

Buildings and Grounds Committee — 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. (unless otherwise stated)

Addresses topics relating to the improvement or development of facilities or park grounds.

Recreation Committee — 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:20 pm (unless otherwise stated) 

Makes recommendations that focus on the organization and implementation of recreational and athletic programs.

Administration and Finance Committee — 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:10pm (unless otherwise stated)

Addresses topics relating to personnel and reviews financial issues affecting the Park District.

Residents interested in serving on a committee should submit a Community Representative Questionnaire to the Park District’s Executive Director outlining their qualifications and why they are interested in serving on the board no later than April 30th of each year. Appointments will be made a the Board’s Annual Meeting in May.

Community Representative Questionnaire
Committee Members
Buildings & Grounds
Chair — Pat Kinnane
Vice Chair — Ron Evans
Community Representative — Chad Bettencourt
Community Representative — Patricio Aguilar
Community Representative — Marc Friedman
Community Representative — Lauren Sernett
Community Representative — Suzanne Poeschel
Staff Liaisons: Dustin Hugen
Chair — Keith Evans
Vice Chair —  Raj Chhatwani
Community Representative — Linda Dressler
Community Representative — Pearl Henderson
Community Representative — Ian Macdonald
Community Representative — Hap Wittkamp
Staff Liaisons: Brian Bechtold, Alisa Kapusinski
 Administration & Finance
Chair — Pat McGinn
Vice Chair — Lili Kilbridge
Community Representative — Mandar Kulkarni
Community Representative — Denise Wilson
Community Representative — Kathy Musial
Community Representative — Hosep Utas
Community Representative — Steven Winner
Staff Liaison: Nicole Hopkins