STAR Before and After School Program and Study Hall


The Hoffman Estates Park District’s STAR Before & After School Program is for children needing before and after school care. The STAR program provides your child a safe environment in a recreational setting. Activities may include, but are not limited to, art projects, sports, games, outdoor play and homework time. A light, nut-fee, snack will be offered in the after school program.

Before School: 7:00 am until the start of school.
After School: School dismissal until 6:00 pm.

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2020/2021 STAR Registration

Enrollment & Discount Options:

  • Siblings are eligible for 10% off fees listed.
  • (For District 15) Participants enrolled in the 3-day option must select consistent 3 days to attend each week. Changes in schedule would require a Change Form submission.

Payment Options

  1. Pay in Full upon enrollment
  2. Payment Plan: $25 initial payment due at time of registration. Seven equal payments will be auto-paid with a saved bank card on 10th of each month: each month through April 10, 2021.

How to Register

  1. Contact Jodi Schultz, Program Manager, to confirm start date & pro-rated tuition amount.
  2. Fill out the registration and EFT forms.
  3. Register in-Person at Triphahn Center or Willow Recreation Center once start date & pricing has been determined.

School District 54

Registration is ongoing for the 2020-2021 school year. Contact Jodi Schultz, Program Manager at jschultz@heparks.org, for availability and registration details.

District 54 Schools

STAR is held at your child’s school gymnasium.
Armstrong, Fairview, Lakeview, MacArthur, Lincoln Prairie, Muir

2020/21 Monthly Rates (Hybrid Learning)

The fee is based on total number of care days. (55 days for M/Th and 53 days for T/F)

Day OptionsD54
Before: 7:00-8:40A
After: 3:00-6:00P
2 days beforeM/Th $57
T/F $55
Lincoln Prairie M/Th $77
Lincoln Prairie T,F $74
2 days afterM/Th $103
T/F $99
Lincoln Prairie M/Th $83
Lincoln Prairie T,F $80

School District 15

Registration is ongoing for the 2020-2021 school year.  Contact Jodi Schultz, Program Manager, at JSchultz@heparks.org for availability and registration details.

All attendees may be subject to an additional busing fee, incorporated by District 15 transportation. For more information, please visit ccsd15.

District 15 Schools

STAR is held at Willow Recreation Center for children who attend:
Thomas Jefferson and Frank C. Whiteley

2020/21 Monthly Rates

All D15 STAR participants are subject to a D15 Transportation Fee to transport the children to Willow.

Before: 7:00-8:50A
After: 3:20-6:00P
Thomas Jefferson
5 days before$152$79
5 days after$190$264
3 days before$88$46
3 days after$120$167

Please contact Jodi Schultz, Program Manager, if you are interested in enrolling for D15 Star at jschultz@heparks.org

Kinder STAR Rates

Offered for children enrolled in AM Kindergarten only. Kinder STAR participants can enroll until 2:30pm or 6:00pm.

Dismissal: 11:20A
Thomas Jefferson
5 days until 2:30$221$295
3 days until 2:30$140$186
5 days until 6:00$479$553
3 days until 6:00$302$349

Please contact Jodi Schultz, Program Manager, if you are interested in enrolling for D15 KinderStar at jschultz@heparks.org

Parent Resources

STAR District 54 billing dates (Hybrid school Year)
STAR District 54 billing dates 2020-2021 (Traditional School Year)
STAR District 15 billing dates 2020-2021


STAR District 54 Hybrid School Year REGISTRATION FORM

STAR District 15 & 54 EFT Payment Authorization Form

STAR District 54 calendar 2020-2021
STAR District 15 calendar 2020-2021

2020-2021 Kinder STAR Parent Handbook
2020-2021 STAR Parent Handbook
STAR Waitlist FAQs 

Changes & Cancellations

STAR Cancel/Change form

  • A cancel/change form must be completed for any changes to your child’s program.
  • STAR Schedule changes must be received by NOON on the Thursday prior to the week requesting changes.
  • Changes take 2 business days to process and go into effect on Mondays.
  • We are unable to prorate fees for days missed due to illness, vacation or behavior suspensions.
  • $10 service fee will be charged for all schedule changes.

Weather Policy

Full Day School Closing

STAR will not be in session on the days school is cancelled due to large amounts of snow or ice or emergency closing. Willow STAR follows the School District 15 snow days. Lakeview, Fairview, Armstrong, Muir, Lincoln Prairie and MacArthur STAR sites follow School District 54 snow days. Refunds will not be issued. Days will be added at the end of the year. You can find out about weather-related closings at our Weather Updates page.

Child Care for Elementary Kids on SEVERE COLD DAYS OFF of SCHOOL

Child care is available on severe COLD days off of school. 

For kids Kindergarten through 6th grade at the Triphahn Center, 1685 W. Higgins Road. Parents may drop off children as early as 7 am, pick up is no later than 6 pm. $50 per child.

You must show proof of registration via a receipt or emailed receipt when you drop off your child in the morning. Children must bring a sack lunch and drink. Please be sure your child has eaten breakfast before arriving.

Registration is open for weekly sessions of care.

Full-day care for school aged students

Study Hall is a full-day program providing care and e-learning support for school-aged students at the Triphahn Center. This program runs either three or five days a week from 7:00a-3:00p with additional after study care available from 3:00p-6:00p.

During Study Hall, Students will be placed in small groups, along with a staff member that can assist them during their virtual class time. Masked students will sit at tables 6ft apart and complete their e-learning tasks. When not in lessons the students will participate in crafts, activities, and gym games.
Participants must supply their own laptop or tablet and headphones with a microphone. HEParks will provide everyone with internet, power and a designated socially distanced spot to complete all of their e-learning. HEParks is also supplying staff to assist, to the best of their abilities, with technology support and school lesson questions. Our staff are not teachers but they will be able to help your children with assignments. These staff will also be planning additional activities for lesson breaks and before and after school.
All children will be required to wear a mask when unable to maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet. They will also be using hand sanitizer prior to entering their room as well as washing hands frequently throughout the day. Upon arrival, all parents will be asked our Covid-19 screening questions to ensure that no one has any illness prior to entering the room.

> Groups will not intermix during the week to deter any spreading of illness before it happens.

The rooms will also be disinfected and cleaned daily according to the District's cleaning guidelines. Restrooms and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned hourly.
Students entering K-6th grade are eligible for Study Hall.
Registration is accepted online or in-person at Triphahn Center or Willow Recreation Center.

Priority registration is given to current STAR families beginning August 7, 2020, at 8:00a New family registration begins August 10, 2020, at Noon.

Triphahn Center Study Hall - ID# 156419
Willow Recreation Center Study Hall - ID# 156418
Yes. You can register and pay week to week if there is space.
Payment is due at the time of registration.
When schools open back up we will transition back to the original STAR before and after school program offered at local schools. HEParks will refund any money that has been paid for weeks that may be cancelled.
Yes, provide a peanut-free and tree nut free lunch and morning snack.

Lunches, from Garibaldi's, are available for purchase for an additional $20 a week for 5 days or $12 for 3 days.

A peanut free snack will be provided in the afternoon (if signed up for after care)
We currently offer 3 day and 5 day per week options only. At this time, due to limited capacity for the program, HEParks will not be pro-rating tuition if you need fewer than three or five days of care.
Yes, Staff will be on hand to assist your child during their e-learning time. Each group of similarly aged students will have one staff member to oversee the children. The staff member will be present to observe and assist the children during their e-learning time.

A rover will be able to enter two rooms to provide additional assistance (an additional staff shared between two rooms).
Students will be grouped together by age/grade based upon who registers and by those who sign up for after care.

Requests for siblings/classmates to be together will be considered.
7:00-8:30a Crafts and activities in each group room
8:30a-Noon E-Learning
Noon Lunch break (this may change based on e-learning time chosen for the student by their school)
Noon-3:00p E-learning
3:00-6:00p Extended camp care: crafts, table activities, gym games
Yes. All children will be required to wear a mask. All staff who interact with the students and enter the student spaces will also be in masks.
Study Hall will be held at the Triphahn Center. (Willow Recreation Center will hold Study Hall if District 15 schools go virtual or hybrid)
This program will begin on the first day of school for Districts 54 and 15. The first session of Study Hall begins 8/17/2020. Find the entire schedule online..
The 5 day per week Study Hall will cost $180 per week for 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and $70 per week for after-camp care from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
The 3 day per week Study Hall will cost $108 per week for 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and $42 per week for after-camp care from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
A 5% sibling discount is available for the 7:00-3:00 program.
You can contact Jodi Schultz, STAR/Camp Program Manager at 847-285-5535 or via email if you have any questions.

Contact Jodi Schultz at Jschultz@heparks.org or 847-285-5535