KinderSTAR is an enrichment program designed to meet the needs of children who require extended care due to the part-day Kindergarten schedule.   

KinderSTAR is offered for students who attend District 15’s Thomas Jefferson & Frank C. Whitely schools.  KinderSTAR is held at Willow Rec Center (3600 Lexington Dr).  KinderSTAR enrichment activities may include, but are not limited to, art projects, active time, science and quiet time. Children will be able to socialize and interact with their Kindergarten friends and have a safe place to relax. 

Enroll for 5 days/week or 3 days/week (3 days must be consistent each week).

Priority Registration for currently enrolled STAR, Preschool and Little Stars families  for Kinder-STAR will begin on March 1st and Open registration will begin on March 16th. 

Contact Kimberly Barton, Program Manager, for registration availability and more info.

For students placed in morning Kindergarten:   Enrollment options

  • Morning STAR:  Offered 7:00am until start of school at the school. (additional registration required for morning STAR at the school).
  • Afternoon KinderSTAR:  Children are bussed from school to Willow after morning Kindergarten.  Enrichment (& lunchtime) offered until 3:05pm.  Enroll for 3:05pm pick-up or 6:00pm pick up. 

For students placed in afternoon Kindergarten:  Enrollment options

  • Morning KinderSTAR: Begins at 7am  Enrichment (& lunchtime) offered at Willow until afternoon Kindergarten begins at the school.  Children are bussed to school.
  • After-school STAR:  For those students who need after-school care from dismissal until 6pm – held at the school.  (additional registration required for after-school STAR at the school).

2023-2024 Registration 

Registration will open on March 1st, 2023. In order to secure your spot for 2023-2024 school year, you will register for your specific school. There will be a $45 Non-refundable deposit.  We will be putting you into the correct section of Kinder-STAR once District 15 releases if your participant is in AM or PM Kindergarten.

In order to register for Thomas Jefferson Kinder-STAR you will use the activity code 256421 section B. To register for Whiteley you will use activity code 256421 section A.


Day OptionsD15
3 days AM for kids who attend PM Kindergarten$330
5 days
AM for kids who attend PM Kindergarten
3 days PM for kids who attend AM Kindergarten Until 3:05pm $262
5 days PM for kids who attend AM Kindergarten Until 3:05pm $396
3 days PM for kids who attend AM Kindergarten Until 6:00pm $463
5 days PM for kids who attend AM Kindergarten Until 6:00pm $676

Changes and Cancellations

  • A cancel/change form must be completed for any changes to your child’s program.
  • STAR Schedule changes must be received by NOON on the Wednesday prior to the week requesting changes.
  • We are unable to prorate fees for days missed due to illness, vacation or behavior suspensions.
  • $10 service fee will be charged for all schedule changes

Parent Resources

COMING SOON- JULY 2023-KinderSTAR Parent Handbook
KinderSTAR Waitlist FAQs

Weather Policy – Full Day School Closing

Kinder-STAR will not be in session on the days school is cancelled due to large amounts of snow, ice or emergency closing. Kinder-STAR follows School District 15 snow days. Refunds will not be issued. Days will be added at the end of the year. You can find out about Weather Related closings at our Weather Updates page.

Child Care for Elementary Kids on SEVERE COLD DAYS OFF of SCHOOL

Child care is available on severe COLD days off of school. 

Grades Kindergarten through 6th grade at the Triphahn Center, 1685 W. Higgins Road. Parents may drop off children as early as 7am, pick up is no later than 6pm.  

You must show proof of registration via a receipt or emailed receipt when you drop off your child in the morning. Children must bring a sack lunch and drink. Please be sure your child has eaten breakfast before arriving. 


Contact for KinderSTAR: Kimberly Barton 847-285-5535 or mailto:Kbarton@heparks.org