Volunteer Application

Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Welcome to the Volunteer Program at Hoffman Estates Park District! As you enter the volunteer program, we hope you are looking forward to the opportunity to learn and contribute your efforts to enhance recreational opportunities within our community. You will soon discover that the most meaningful reward in volunteering is a sense of association and accomplishment. Our work ethic is built around the premise that we can contribute. Together, we build synergy that allows us to accomplish the easy as well as the impossible.

Hoffman Estates Park District has adopted a hiring procedure to better safeguard the children and youth in our programs Currently, all new full time, part time, coaches, and volunteers working in child sensitive positions are subject to a criminal background check.

The background investigation will be conducted prior to the beginning of the volunteer programs in which you are involved. In the following application is a release form giving your consent to the Hoffman Estates Park District to conduct a criminal background check.

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and staff of the Hoffman Estates Park District, we thank you for your participation.


Craig Talsma, Executive Director, Hoffman Estates Park District

Volunteer Application

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