Back to School 3v3 Beach Soccer Tournament
One more weekend of fun in the sun before school starts up. Join us for our first ever 3v3 beach soccer tournament. Gather up four of your friends and compete. Enjoy everything Seascape has to offer as you wait between games. (Parents must be present for children under 12). Three games guaranteed. August 10.
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Current Soccer Season Information

For current game schedules, click here.

  • Programs with Space Still Available
  • Rules & Regulations for Outdoor Soccer League
  • High School Girls Team – Intervillage
    • Hoffman Elite Soccer League – A new transitional league to bridge the gap between rec soccer and travel soccer and is an extension of our rec program with certified coaches. Players play 4 extra games, 8 extra practices and a tournament in the Fall and Spring season. This is in addition to the 8 games and 10 practices in the rec league. Contact Kyle Goddard for more details via email or phone 847-285-5518 
  • Soccer Camps
    • HUSC – This camp, hosted by the Hoffman United Soccer Club, focuses on technique to improve your all around soccer game. Shooting and passing, defending, and foot work will be covered in these 3 hour daily sessions. Register here
    • HUSC Skills Camp – In this camp hosted by the Hoffman United Soccer Club, the focus will be on breaking down shooting technique. This will include shot selection, controlled power shots, as well as when to use each in game situations. Register here
    • HUSC Summer League – This camp will feature training to focus on technical and individual skills, including ball control, 1 v 1 skills, turns, attacking play, receiving the ball, as well as controlled dribbling. Register here

Soccer throughout the Year

  • Spring
    • Outdoor Soccer
      • Kinder through 8th
      • High school Boys
    • Camps Programs
    • HUSC Travel
  • Summer
    • Camps Programs
      • HUSC, Kids First, All Star
  •  Fall
    • Outdoor soccer
      • Kinder through 8th
      • High school Girls
    • Camps/Programs
  • Winter
    • Indoor Soccer
      • Kinder through High School
    • Camps/Programs



Contact for Soccer: Kyle Goddard, kgoddard@heparks.org