Hoffman Basketball Academy

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Summer Basketball League

The Hoffman Estates Basketball Academy brings you our 2021 Summer in-house basketball season. This season the basketball academy will follow the pod system to bring you the safest league possible. Each league will have 20 players maximum, creating their pod. This league is designed to allow you to participate in our soccer and/or baseball leagues without missing practices or games for either team. All players will practice together once a week on the same day each week. Practice day will be determined based on player/coach availability. Players will learn basic fundamentals and basketball I.Q at practice. On Saturday mornings within your pod you will compete in a game at the Triphahn Center. Teams withing your pod will be mixed up each week to keep the games fun. Players, coaches, referees and spectators must wear a mask during practices and games.

Important Dates:

Registration Deadline- July 1st

Practice Starts the week of July 12th (day varies based on volunteer coach availability)

Games Start on Saturday July 24th (Games played between 9am and 1pm)

Season Ends on August 28th

Code- 239301

Fee- $80/90

Summer Camps and Clinics –

All Girls Training (high school players only) – This 4 week camp is great atmosphere for high school girls players to get ready for their upcoming season! Footwork, Finishing around the basket, catch and shoot and ball handling will be the focus.

All-Girls Training (High School) 237020-H Tu (7/6-7/27) 7:00pm-8:00pm $40

Fundamental Camps – For Summer of 2021 the basketball academy has two options for our week long summer camps. Feeder Basketball Camp for all players who will be attending HEHS in the future and play in our feeder programs. We also have our summer camps open to all hoopers of all skill level. Our fundamental camps are perfect for players getting ready for an upcoming season, want to work on their game in the off season or who are just getting into basketball. All aspects of the game will be covered with a heavy emphasis on proper foot work, basketball I.Q and shooting form.


Fundamentals Camp (K-2nd Grade) 237020-D TH (6/3-6/24) 5:30pm-6:15pm $40

Fundamentals Camp (3rd-8th Grade) 237020-E TH (6/3-6/24) 6:20pm-7:20pm $40

Fundamentals Camp (high schoolers) 237020-F TH (6/3-6/24) 7:25pm-8:25pm $40


Hoffman Feeder Camp 237020-C 3rd-8th Graders 7/12-7/16 M-F 12pm-1:30pm

Hoffman Basketball Academy Camp 237020-A 3rd-8th Grader 7/26-7/30 M-F 1pm-4:00pm

Fundamentals Camp (high school age) 237020-I TH (6/3-6/24) 7:25pm-8:25pm $40

Specialty Camps – Is there a specific area of your game you want to work on? Our Specialty camps will help you do just that. This summer season we will be offering a shooting camp and ball handling camp that will help take your scoring to the next level.

HBA Shooting Camp 237020-B 3rd-8th Graders 7/6-7/29 TU 6pm-7pm $40

HBA Ball handling camp 237020-D 3rd-8th Graders 7/8-7/29 TH 6pm-7pm $40

1v1 and Group Trainings.

1v1 Trainings – These 30 minutes sessions are only $15! Trainings focus on agility, ball handling and shooting. Players will work ladder and cone drills for agility. Practice their ball handling through a series of different cone drills and multiple ball techniques to help you focus on the defense while handling the ball. Shooting will focus on footwork through our jab step series, show you how to  finish multiple ways around the basket and perfecting your form. You can sign up for 1 time session or multiple time sessions in a row. Runs all of April and May!

239370                  6-18yrs             Triphahn Center     3:30, 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm (increments of 30 min, sign up for multiple in a row)            $20

Group trainings – These trainings are designed for groups of 2-4 players. Registration cost only $40 for 30 minutes of high-level training. You can sign up for multiple times in a row. When registering one household will register the group. If you do not have a group we recommend the 1v1 training. Similar to the 1v1 training players will work on agility, ball handling and shooting. Different from 1v1 training you can within a group add elements of passing, defense pressure and work on several ways to score the ball such as ball screens, off ball screens, cutting, dribble hand offs and drive n kick action.

239370                  6-18yrs                 Triphahn Center     3:30,4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm (increments of 30 min, sign up for multiple in a row)            $40


Safety Guidelines –


  • Coaches will receive a bottle of hand sanitizer for their team
  • Coaches will receive a can of equipment sanitizer for their team’s equipment.
    • Balls and equipment (cones, basketballs, ladders, etc..)should be sprayed before and after each practice
      • We encourage parents to buy their child their own basketball
      • HEParks will supply equipment but it will be shared equipment that is sanitized by the coach
    • Benches should be sprayed pre and post intra-team scrimmage
      • If possible do not use the bench area during practice
      • If players use an area outside of the bench for their bench a mask is not required if they stay 6 feet apart.
        • Players can bring their own foldable chair and space them 6 feet apart on the back wall

Bench and Bleachers

  • Players should try and maintain 6 feet apart on the bench
    • Players should wear a mask while on the bench if they cannot keep 6 feet apart
  • Spectators should remain 6 feet apart unless they are in the same household.
    • As a coach this is not your job to enforce
    • Spectators must have a mask on while attending the game
  • will ask only family members of the participant households attend scrimmages
    • We must keep that capacity of the gym at 50 percent
  • Spectators cannot use the track to view the scrimmages

Intra-Team Scrimmage times and practice times

  • Intra-Team Scrimmage and practice times will be staggered
    • If you arrive to a field or gym and the prior group is still using the facility please do not enter until they have left
  • Gyms will be sanitized before and after every team practice and intra-team scrimmage.


  • Once the first practice occurs, you will not be allowed to add any new players to your team.

Attendance log

  • This must be kept by coaches for practices and intra-team scrimmage.
    • For game days Lineups can suffice if players are crossed out that don’t attend
  • Parents and coaches most notify Kyle Thomas if a player does not attend
  • Players should not attend practice if someone is not feeling well in their household


  • Players mask- Only when players cannot maintain 6 feet while on the bench and entering the building
  • Spectators- Must wear a mask while watching the game

 Player or Coach test positive

  • Player or Coach gets covid- The team will be quarantined for 14 days. The player or coach who test positive for covid must take a test after the 14 day period and show a negative result for covid. All other players and coaches can return after 14 days if they show no symptoms.
  • Covid in the household- If someone in the household of a player or coach gets covid that player must also quarantine for 14 days. If the player is not showing symptoms after 14 days they can return.

Contact for the Hoffman Basketball Academy: Kyle Thomas, 847-285-5429, kthomas@heparks.org

Open Gym

Open Gym at Triphahn Center (1685 W Higgins Road)  
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Call for times and prices.

Open Gym at Willow Recreation Center (3600 Lexington Drive)  
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Call for times and prices.

Open Gym at The Club at Prairie Stone (5050 Sedge Boulevard)
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Call for times and prices.

* Times subject to change. Call ahead.

Basketball Training

Options Basketball Training at The Club at Prairie Stone 

Options Basketball Training, taught by Josh Walker, seeks to develops skills and fundamentals including shooting, dribbling, finishing, game situations, footwork and more through:

  • Private (Individual and Group) Basketball Training 
  • Programming: Camps (Week and One-Day), Skills & Drills and Player Development
  • Shooting Machine Sessions:
    Private sessions, with a 10K Shooting Gun Machine, are designed to give players a high number of reps shooting the ball and work on footwork, balance, fundamentals, game situations, shooting under pressure, and more! Shoot up to 700 shots in an hour.

Contact for Basketball at The Club at Prairie Stone: Beth Zimmer, 847-285-5422, bzimmer@heparks.org