Foundation Scholarships

The Friends of HEParks raises money for its Scholarship Fund that helps families participate in Park District programs who would be unable to participate due to financial difficulties.

To apply:

Complete and return the application. You can download the Foundation Scholarship Application here or pick up an application at one of our facilities.

To contribute:

The Friends of HEParks seeks to strengthen community and family ties by providing a self-generating funding source to finance recreational scholarships to the disadvantaged in the Hoffman Estates community, while also funding special recreational projects. The recreational scholarships help furnish financially limited residents with an opportunity to enjoy the same recreational and leisure opportunities as their neighbors.

With a goal to raise $250,000, the Friends of HEParks also helps fund needed community programs such as the Hoffman Estates’ permanent Safety Town that educates youngsters on how to be and stay protected. They also fund community programs that will enhance the physical, recreational, educational and cultural life for Hoffman Estates residents.

The Friends of the Parks Foundation was organized to help Hoffman Estates residents in perpetuity. But its goals can’t be met without your help. Contributions in the form of cash, insurance policies, real estate, stocks, bonds, wills, and trusts are all welcome ways of supporting the foundation. All contributions at the established giving levels are tax deductible, cumulative, and never expire.

What can the Foundation do? Here’s what it did for Amanda L.:

Thank you for everything! My kids and I appreciate having access to such enriching experiences. This is the first community in which I lived that strives for social equity. Our hearts are full.


Amanda L.

Contact for Friends of the HEParks: 847–885–7500 x633, friends@heparks.org.