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Cannon Crossings Park

Previously known as Kelley Park, Cannon Crossings Park was officially named and was incorporated as a high priority in the District’s 1992 Master Plan. Located in the Deer Crossings Subdivision, the first properties were deeded to the park district in 1993. Two DNR acquisition grants were awarded to help the district purchase another 11+ acres. Total acreage adds up to 26.3 acres and became one of the larger active parks in the District.

Two development grants were obtained from DNR to assist in financing the Kelley Park development, officially named Cannon Crossings in 1999. With input from residents and an Athletic Field Task Force study, the park was designed with an accessible playground, a half-court basketball area, four baseball/softball fields, (two with lights), bleachers, three soccer fields (one with lights), a tennis court, a sand volleyball court, a park shelter building, a rollerblading rink, a parking lot, and an area for ice skating and cross country skiing. At 26.3 acres, Cannon Crossings Park is one of the larger, active parks in the District.