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Prior to 2014:

Action Fence Contractor, Inc. – Fencing Brittany, Lincoln, Vogelei, High Point

Allstar Asphalt, Inc. – Asphalt Patch & Resurf TC, WRC, FAC, Canterbury Park Pl

Arthur Weiler, Inc. – Landscape Freedom Run.Canterbury Pl Tropicana

Autumn Landscaping, Inc – CC, Sundance, Tropicana, Olm PG & Canterbury Pk Pl, Tropicanan Shelter

Autumn Landscaping, inc – Concrete Canterbury Pk Pl, Tropicanan, Cottonwood, Willow Dog, Valley , Cahrel, Vogelei, Pebble

Chicago Concrete & Construction Inc. -Fencing Canterbury Pk Pl, Sundance

Fuerte Systems, Inc. – Install PG Equip Lincoln, HP, Brittany, Fabric Shelter Lincoln

GameTime co Cunningham Recreation – Glide,Panels, Spinner, Instruments CC

Harris Golf Cars – Golf Cart Lease & Maint Agreement

Hastings Asphalt Services, Inc. – CrackFill, Seal Coat,k Stripe for TC, Hassell Maint, PS, Charlemagne

Howard L. White & Associates, Inc. – CC & Canter Pk PL Shade Structure

Howard L. White & Associates, Inc. – Lincoln PG

Johnson Paving – Asphalt Ptching PS, Charlemagne, HP

Kreative Scape, Inc. – Willow Concrete

Maul Sealcoating – Vogelei Parking Lot

Maul Sealcoating – Willow Parking Lot

Mid American Water – Supply of BPC Steel Culverts

Nadler Golf Car Sales – Golf Cart Lease & Maint Agreement

Parkreation, Inc. – Lincoln Park Shade Structure

Parkreation, Inc. – Olmstead Park Cable PG Equip

Parkreation, Inc. – Sycamore Park

Parkreation, Inc. Sundance, Olmstead PG Swings

Pelagio & Sons, Inc. – Huntington Park Concrete

Perm-A-Seal, Inc. HP Courts Tennis.Pickle

Recreonics, Inc – Pool Lifts PSSWC

Reese Recreation – Splash Pad PG Tropicana

Schultz Enterprises, Inc. – Waterline @ Canterbury Pk PL and Tropicanan

Tennis Surfaces Company – Synth Turf.Bocce Ct Tropicana Park