Park Adventures Podcast

Join Natalie and Katie as they explore the world of Parks & Recreation with exciting special guests, field trips, informational sessions, and off-track discussions in this bi-weekly podcast celebrating everything Parks & Rec.

About your hosts:

Natalie Wood: Early Childhood Program Manager at Hoffman Estates Park District. Natalie runs not only most of the fun childhood enrichment programs in the district but also manages Little Stars Academy Full Day Childcare and the Half Day Preschools at the Triphahn Center and Willow Recreation Center. When not working Natalie enjoys creating baking confections (cupcakes yummmm), hanging out with friends, seeing musicals, and reading.

Katie Burgess: Superintendent of Communications & Marketing. When not out in the community representing the Park District, Katie can be found sharing information on social media, wrangling volunteers, and promoting all of the great programs and amenities at HEParks. Outside of work, Katie can be found smashing and dinking on the pickleball court, making a general artistic mess in her studio space, and hanging out around the firepit.

Music written and performed by the very talented John Anderson – Triphahn Center Lead Building Technician.

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