Public Skate


Public Skate is currently suspended until further notice. 

Come out and skate, Hoffman Estates Park District rinks are open to the public during public skate. This time is open to the public for open skate time. An attendant is present to help guests and ensure the safety of participants. Skate rental is available, see admission prices below. (No hockey equipment. Bike helmets are suggested.)

* Use of equipment not allowed during public skate. Helmets are recommended.

Admission Rates:  Child – $3      Adult – $5
Skate rental rates: $3 per pair 

(Sizes 1 and under for our smallest skaters. Sizes 2-13 for youth and adult. Both hockey and figure skates available)
Public skate hours may be added last minute on weekends if ice time becomes available. Contact the service desk at (847)885-7500 for updates.


Skating Special Events

Hoffman Estates Park District offers many fun and exciting skating special events. Skating Events held throughout the year: Egg Slide, Great Pumpkin Skate, Skate with Santa and many more!