WRC-logoWillow Racquetball

3600 Lexington Drive — 847-285-5440 

Court Hours and Fees

Monday-Friday, 7:00am–9:00am $3.50                                Monday-Friday, 9:00am–5:00pm $7
Monday-Friday, 5:30pm–8:00pm $9
Saturday, 9:00am–1:30pm $9
Sunday, 9:00am–1:30pm $9

Wallyball Court Fee — $2 per person Plus appropriate court fee.

* Reserve courts up to 24 hours in advance

Willow Racquet Club Membership

$48 Resident
$36 with Fitness Membership

Court Reservations

Reserve one week in advance. Call the Willow Recreation Center front desk at 847-285-5440.

Permanent Court Time

Racquetball and wallyball courts may be reserved by Willow Racquet Club members for a specific amount of time at the appropriate hourly rate on a prepaid basis only.
* There is a 10-week pre-paid minimum.


Any Willow Racquet Club member wishing to play wallyball only needs to pay the appropriate court fee.

Racquetball Lessons

Racquetball is a fun exciting way to burn calories, build muscle and have fun. Our group lessons are the perfect way to learn and improve skills. Private lessons are also available for youth and adults, beginners through advanced players. Call 847-285-5440 for information. Browse racquetball lessons.

Adult Racquetball League

New and experienced players alike can enjoy the fun of competitive racquetball. Leagues are formed according to participants’ different ability levels. Find a racquetball leagues.

Contact for Racquetball: Deb Albig, 847-285-5442, dalbig@heparks.org