Where You Belong

Parks and Recreation Month at HEParks

Join us this July as we celebrate Parks and Recreation Month along with the National Park and Recreation Association (NRPA). The theme this year, “Where You Belong,” emphasizes the vital role parks and recreation play in fostering inclusive, vibrant, and resilient communities. From youth to seniors, athletes to nature lovers, everyone can find their space and their passion in our Hoffman Estates Park District (HEParks) parks and programs. Discover how you belong through our diverse programs and facilities, which are designed for everyone, no matter your age or ability.

Hoffman Estates Park District: A Place for Everyone: Discover how HEParks enriches our community with parks and recreation services that foster inclusivity, wellness, and community spirit.

Since 1985, Parks and Recreation Month has been a time to celebrate the importance of parks and recreation in American life across the county, recognizing over 160,000 professionals who maintain our vital community spaces.  In July, we not only honor these professionals but also invite you to participate in events, programs, and activities that reinforce the value of public parks and recreation. We invite you to explore new programs, attend events, and share your experiences on how our parks and recreation services enhance your life.

  • Discover New Programs and Events: Starting July 10th, check out the new and exciting activities we have planned for you. Be ready to sign up as registration opens on July 15th at 8 AM.
  • Celebrate With Us: Attend events across our locations this month, like Fun Days in the Park, Freezy Fridays, IPRA’s Unplug Day at South Ridge Park and more!

You Belong at HEParks

  • Parks and Recreation Use and Reach: Last year, 78% of local households visited our parks, with a wide range of programs fostering over 280 million visits nationwide. Our facilities, including playgrounds and recreation centers, are accessible within a 10-minute walk for most residents.
  • Public Support for Parks and Recreation: Our community strongly supports parks and recreation, understanding their value in enhancing quality of life. With community backing, we continue to expand and improve our services and facilities.
  • Health Impact: HE Parks contributes to community wellness through fitness centers, trails, and programs that support physical activity and mental health. Our initiatives align with findings that proximity to parks increases physical activity and improves health outcomes.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion: Committed to accessibility for all, HEParks offers inclusive play areas and adaptive programs, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate and feel welcomed.
  • Community Impact: Our parks and programs play a pivotal role in community engagement and emergency response, providing nutritious meals and hosting community events.
  • Environmental Impact: HEParks manages significant green spaces, contributing to environmental health through initiatives like native plant gardens and sustainable park designs that enhance urban cooling and reduce flooding.
  • Child Development Impact: We offer extensive youth programs that promote educational and physical development, from early childhood programs to sports leagues and STEM activities.
  • Economic Impact: HEParks stimulates local economy by supporting jobs and generating economic activity through park operations and capital spending, enhancing property values and community desirability.

Where You Belong

Local Impact: 78% of local households visited our parks last year.
Accessibility: Most residents are within a 10-minute walk from a park or recreation facility, promoting frequent visits and active lifestyles.
Community Backing: Our parks and programs are possible thanks to strong community support and feedback, ensuring that we meet the needs and desires of our residents.
Wellness Programs: From fitness centers to walking trails, HEParks offers a range of activities that support both physical and mental health.
Health Equity: We aim to provide equitable health opportunities through all of our programming and facilities.
Inclusive Recreation: Our facilities and programs are designed to be accessible to all, including adaptive sports and inclusive playgrounds.
Community Integration: Efforts are continuously made to ensure that every member of the community feels welcome and can participate fully.
Emergency Response and Community Services: HEParks also serves as a critical component in community emergency responses like providing cooling/heating centers in inclement weather. HEParks offers various community services including a free Senior Center, providing community-wide events, green spaces, and implementing a Mobile Outreach program to bring the Park District to neighborhoods that might not be able to make the trip themselves.
Sustainability Initiatives: Management of over 11 million acres of public lands, focusing on sustainability and environmental protection.
Urban Cooling and Flood Reduction: Parks play a crucial role in reducing urban heat and managing stormwater.
Youth Programs: We provide extensive programming for children enhancing educational outcomes and fostering physical development.
Learning Through Play: Our parks provide safe spaces where children can learn and grow through nature and play.
Economic Contributions: Operations and capital spending in parks and recreation significantly contribute to the local economy, supporting jobs and increasing local revenue.

Get Involved

  • Share Your Stories: Post your photos and stories using #WhereYouBelong and tag us @HEParks. Join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Support Your Parks: Participate in our events, volunteer, or simply enjoy what our parks have to offer. Every visit and every program enrollment supports the continued provision of these essential services.

Explore HE Parks, enjoy our programs and events, and discover why parks and recreation are where you truly belong and why HEParks is essential to our community well-being. We can’t wait to see how you connect and create lasting memories!