Adult Softball League

Adult Softball fall 2019 sign up sheet

Monday Standings Mens 12 Inch 2019

Mens Monday 12 Inch Summer 2019 Schedule

We offer league play for Men’s 12”, Men’s 16”, Co-ed” and 40 and over leagues. Ten game season on lighted fields at Cannon Crossing.

2019 Adult Softball League and Tournament Registration now open!

New this season to HEPD Softball is our Friday Night Corporate League and our Spring Training Tournament. Also back for 2019 is our quick 5 game pre-season league that runs in April along with our Summer Men’s 12 inch leagues and Co-ed Softball Leagues.

Friday Night Corporate League– Looking for something fun to do in the area on Friday night after work? Join our Adult Softball Co-ed Corporate League! Games will be played at 5:30pm and 6:30pm at Cannon Crossing Park to better suit your work schedule. What better way to end a work week with your colleges then playing a game of softball. Click here for more details. 

Spring Training Tournament- Start the 2019 season off with our quick 1 pitch tournament. Teams are guaranteed to play at least three games. Winners of the league will receive a free registration fee for our 2019 summer league or $670. Softball Spring Training Tournament 2019 

Pre-Season League- Get your swings in before your Summer League starts. This quick 5 game seasons runs in the month of April. Any games get rained out you get you money back!  Click here for info

Men’s 12 inch– Games are played on Monday Nights at Cannon Crossing Park. Click here for more details. 

Co-ed Softball– Games are played on Tuesday Nights at Cannon Crossing Park. Click here for more details. 

Contact for Softball: Kyle Thomas, 847-285-5429, kthomas@heparks.org