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Coach Kyle Clinics

Follow along as Coach Kyle leads you through skills and drills to take your game to a higher level. Fundamentals are key to becoming a better player. Coach Kyle, not only runs the Athletics programs at HEParks but he is also a Collegiate Basketball Coach.

You can catch the episodes live Thursdays at 11:00a on Facebook.

Fishing with Kyle

Hockey Training with Coach Muffitt

Follow along as Coach Muffitt leads you through off-ice skills and drills to hone your skills and make you better players.

Baseball Drills with Coach Kyle

Soccer Skills and Drills with Kyle

Other trainings from around the web


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  3. Ice Cube 3 Point Shooting Competition
    1. Fill a glass of water halfway.
    2. Set up 5 ice cubes at 5 different spots on the floor
    3. Shoot the ice cubes into the glass and see how many you can make out of 25


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  1. Download the app supercook
    1. Just input what ingredients you have and it will help come up with recipes.
    2. https://www.supercook.com/#/recipes
  2. Learn how to knit

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