Best of Hoffman October 2020

Hoffman Estates Park District would like to recognize Pauline Wieland as October’s Best of Hoffman.

As a Hoffman Estates resident residing at Pine Park for approximately 36 years, Pauline has taken the initiative to establish an informal group of volunteers, she has deemed Neighbors for Conservation, to help clean-up invasive plants called Buckthorns along the Pine Park creek line. 

She worked with Parks District staff to hold two Neighbors for Conservation events at Pine Park, one on September 26 and one on October 3, which allowed volunteers of all ages to help remove the invasive plants. 

With the bit of work completed on these two dates, the Neighbors for Conservation were able to complete about 50% of their goal which is to remove all of the buckthorns along the creek line.  Pauline is actively working with Parks District staff to arrange dates for November in hopes of completing the reminder of the removal of the buckthorns along the creek line.

Pauline has embraced her new personal motto of “do more and criticize less” in hopes of making a difference in the community and the District is very appreciative. 

Pauline, we would like to thank you for taking the initiative to help clean-up the invasive plants at Pine Park.