Park Talk Blog: Lawn Care Tips

Well, the monsoon season has passed here in Hoffman Estates!  And now we’re left swatting away those persistent mosquitos and watching our lawns slowly turn brown as we wish for just a hint of rain now and then to cool down the dog days of summer.  I will say however that our inaugural community garden at Chino park is THRIVING!  And with a few tips, your lawn and garden still can too!  Here are a few key ones from our experts here at the Parks’ Department.

  1. Raise mowing decks to 3”+ and reduce frequencies
  2. Water once or twice per week (in the morning or evening) to slow down and prevent dormancy
  3. Continue to fertilize as nitrogen helps plants fight drought stresses and the pressure of weeds
  4. Apply grub control now to prevent problems later in the season (be sure to water immediately after application)
  5. For gardeners, be sure to water frequently and monitor plants for signs of wilting and stress.

Follow these simple tips and you can have a vibrant lawn and garden throughout the summer!

To our neighbors and constituents, we here at the district are working hard to maintain our turf and appreciate your patience as we try to combat the extreme weather we are experiencing this season.  Our region has received anomalous amounts of rainfall this spring which led to difficulties in mowing.  Now our turf has begun to rapidly morph into dormancy.  Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to water all of our park properties and have thus chosen to irrigate only those which we deemed necessary through an ethically responsible maintenance program.  We here at the Hoffman Estates Park District appreciate you’re understanding.  From all of us here at Park Services, have a safe and enjoyable summer!