Jr Wolf Pack

Our excellent professional coaching staff make learning hockey a great, positive experience. Programs designed to maximize development and love for the game. Three of our programs are 2x a week compared to most others being 1x. This added value of more time on the ice, for more weeks will provide the determined player faster learning of all the skills required to play team hockey. For those with time restrictions a “combined” 1x a week session has been added on Saturdays. Join at any time!

Level 1: Junior Wolf Pack Starter Skating Program

For players that have never skated or are very new to skating. (3-12yrs)

Skating is the most important skill required to properly execute the other 4 major skills (stick-handling, passing, shooting and safe checking) and enjoy playing the most enjoyable sport there is for life. Players embracing the unique SUMO training system will enjoy the results. This program is designed to give all young starter hockey players the essential skating foundation to progress into the renowned HE Parks Development Program. Getting it right from the beginning is very important. Our superb professional instructors will ensure keen students enjoy great progress in a fun environment. Players are placed in appropriate training groups within the lesson. All players must wear at least a bike helmet.

M/F   4:45p-5:30p  1/7-3/29   $245r/$255nr #212460MF  

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W/F   4:00p-4:45p    1/9-3/29   $245r/$255nr   #212469 WF          

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SA   9:15a-10:15a    1/12-3/30   $125r/$135nr   #212469WS       

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Level 2: Wolf Pack Hockey Skills Development

For players that have graduated from Level 1. Full equipment hockey skill training. (4-15 yrs)

This renowned training is for players 4-15 years, where the skating skills enable the learning and execution of the other 4 major skills (stick handling, passing, shooting and safe checking). Although the focus on the program remains the mastering of the “Sumo System” of skating it also includes training in stick work and small area games. The goal is to prepare players to advance to joining a Coyote, Wolf Pack, or Wolverine hockey team. Players are recommended to supply USA Hockey approved hockey helmet with full face mask and a stick (purchase low cost stick that comes up to nose without skates and has minimal curve). All equipment is available, up to certain sizes. Price includes both days.

Tuesday & Thursday Development

(5-12 years – Triphahn)

Tu, Th  5:00p – 5:50p    1/8-3/28    $245R/$255NR  Click here

W/F     4:00p – 4:45p    1/9-3/29    $245R/$255NR  Click here

S             9:15p – 10:15p    1/12-3/30    $125R/$135NR  Click here


Level 3: Jr. Wolf Pack 11 Under Hockey League

Advanced training in preparation for league team play.

Players at this age are sponges and improve faster than at any age, thus we like to ensure we are giving each passionate player the best chance to progress while the ability to improve is at it’s best. The key thing is that players play at a level that is going to be challenging, but also allows the player to be involved and engaged. We can assure that our skill development is second to none anywhere and we have a very strong coaching staff dedicated to this age. A player that takes the time to focus and follow the step by step Sumo system of perfecting the 7 elements of skating and applying them to the 4 other major skill will develop a solid foundation in this sport. The best skills equate to the best team play. Our dedicated Goaltending Academy also enables goalies to grow and improve tremendously.

(5-8 years – Triphahn)

Tu     6:00P-7:00P AND Sun   4:30P-5:45P  1/8-3/31   $245R/$255NR     212110A  Click here to register


Level 4: Competitive Team Hockey Leagues

8U Coyote Mite, 9 and up Wolf Pack, Wolverines (girls only)