Rentals & Parties




Indoor Rental

The gymnasium and meeting rooms may be rented at reasonable costs. We offer a variety of room sizes to accommodate your gathering. Features: tables and chairs, set-up and take-down. Alcohol is prohibited.

Small Conference Room (WRC Racquetball Room)
 8-10 people — r $25/hour, nr $30/hour, commercial $35/hour

Medium Meeting Room
Room 1, max 25 people —  $35/hour, nr $40/hour, commercial $45/hour

Meeting Room, max 45 people —  $50/hour,  nr $55/hour, commercial $60/hour

Dance/Aerobic Room (no food or drink)  up to 15 people —         $40/hour, nr $45/hour, commercial $50/hour

Small Gym
Half/Gym North, max 100 people —  $45/hour, nr $50/hour, commercial $55/hour

Half/Gym South, max 100 people —  $45/hour, nr $50/hour, commercial $55/hour

Mini Gym, max 175 people —  $70/hour, nr $80/hour, commercial $90/hour

Large Gym
Full Gym, max 200 people —  $80/hour, nr $90/hour, commercial $100/hour


Rental applications are available here and at the front desk of each facility. Please allow ten business days to process requests. *Application process applies to Triphahn Center, Vogelei and Willow.
To finalize room rentals, please be sure you take the following steps:

Complete information form, indicating the exact date and day of the week of your requested rental.

Return the form, signed and dated, to the facility where you intend to rent a room.

Attach a security deposit equal to 50% of the total rental fee with the completed rental form.
* There is an additional $250 for after hour rentals and rentals over 100 people. Additional fee of $25 per hour for after hour rentals.


Birthday Parties

Athletic Party — $150 / $165
Kids take over the gym and enjoy everything from basketball and floor hockey to soccer and volleyball. Activities should be chosen ahead of time so equipment can be made available. Contact Debbie Albig, dalbig@heparks.org, 847-285-5440. * Prices include goodie bags for each participant. 

Arts & Crafts Party — $175 / $193
Party guests will express themselves and create a great craft project they can take home with them. A variety of projects are offered and themes change as well. Contact Debbie Albig, dalbig@heparks.org, 847-285-5440.

Old Fashioned Party — $150 / $165
For the traditionalist, this party offers guests all the old favorites like bozo buckets, pin the tail on the donkey, relay races and more.Contact Debbie Albig, dalbig@heparks.org, 847-285-5440.

Wallyball Party — $150 / $165
Team up to play wallyball, that’s volleyball on a racquetball court, and then head upstairs to open gifts. Contact Debbie Albig, dalbig@heparks.org, 847-285-5440.