Mite Hockey

Options for Spring 2018 Season

EXCELLENCE IN TRAINING-MOST IMPORTANT AT THIS AGE- All of our Mites receive the ultimate in ADM training with the added focus on the Sumo system of foundation development. Combine this with the access of the new training facility, availability of video analysis and quantifiable combines testing, our Mites will receive the best “getting it right from the beginning” training available!

Do NOT register for AAU OR USA Hockey Insurance until AFTER APRIL 1ST, to avoid having to pay twice.


1. Coyotes AAU Travel:

  • Players will be recommended for these teams
  • Competitive Travel team play
  • Players that are passionate, dedicated with some hockey experience
  • 2 week day ice sessions, advanced skills, high tempo scrimmages
  • 1 weekend ice time for home games/practices
  • 2 Tournaments, TENTATIVELY April 20-22 & May 15-20th
  • Cost: Player $385 Resident / $395 Non Resident Registration Code 222505 M2                   

Cost: Goalie $150 Resident / $155 Non Resident Goalie Code 222505 MG– NOTE: There is no restriction on age for AAU play – If capable younger than 2011 is eligible

2. Wolf Pack Northwest Hockey League (NWHL):

  • All Players born 2011 or before
  • Registration is 1st come, 1st served
  • Full ice hockey for players who can skate, handle the puck,
  • Play against other house/travel league teams
  • 2 weekday ice session, skills and scrimmages
  • 1 weekend ice time for team practices/home games
  • 8 games season with 2-3 game playoffs
  • Cost: Player $385 Resident / $395 Non Resident Registration Code: Player 222505 M2
  • Cost: Goalie $150 Resident / $155 Non Resident Goalie Code 222505 MG

3. Super Skills /HI Tempo Scrimmage:

  • All capable players born no earlier than 2010
  • Players still working on their skills and not quite ready for team play
  • 2 weekday skills/scrimmage sessions with birth year category
  • Cost: $285 Resident / $295 Non Resident Registration Code: 222505 SK

Dates/Times: To be confirmed, tentatively Tuesdays and Thursdays for on ice skills/scrimmages. Team practices/home games TENTATIVELY Saturday AM

*Additional Weekly: SUPER SUMO Weekly Training

  • 7 Element skating power skate with off ice center training
  • Availability: based on determined and passionate players @ no extra charge
  • Most advanced progressions in mastering skating
  • TENTATIVELY Wednesdays

All interested Mite Age players should attend the 3 Pre Skates

These skates help the coaches determine the best avenue for your player.

March 6th 6pm
March 8th 6pm
March 10th 11:40am

Team Tryouts/Evaluations:

Monday March 12th 6pm
Wednesday March 14th 6pm

Contact Randy Jordan with questions PH 847-285-5501

Note: birth year 2011 and later can play Coyote AAU travel but not Mite NWHL as per USA Hockey rules.