Interview with Stan Dubicki

Hoffman Estates Park District General Manager and Chicago Wolves Goalie Coach Stan Dubicki mentors some of the top goalies in all over professional hockey. Even if they are not playing for him they communicate after many games for reassurance etc. The mental game is vital and Coach Dubicki is not only an expert trainer, he is the voice of reason for many pro goalies. One being the star goalie for the Stanly Cup champions.

Start with mastering goaltending skating elements, personalized technique excellence and positional play and add the vital mental toughness and confidence components you can become a dominant goalie …for life.

Questions to Coach Dubicki.

At Pee Wee and under, is it important to play at the highest level before mastering all aspects of the position? Just like any position an athletic player may compete ok to a certain point through athleticism, but if they do not first gain a solid foundation and master the vital skills they will never reach their potential.

Is it best to play on the top team, despite getting few shots or being challenged…but you win?
Hockey people are looking for goalies that can perform…the more shots, more situations the better they can see potential.

What prevents young players from reaching their potential?
Rushing through the development for winning success versus becoming a thorough player

What do you mean by the mental side of the game?
Even the best goalies in the world go thru hills and valleys…keeping the mental side confident is vital

You say confidence is vital to success. How do you help instill confidence in your students?
We train with the purpose of feeling success. Noting how and what they are doing well and presenting teaching points in an upbeat positive manner

Why dedicate to our program?
Excellent coaches led by Coach Dubicki and Matt LaFrenere that truly care about long term development. The most training tools. The perfect, positive, learning environment for goalies to master the physical and mental game.

Interested??? Contact Stan Dubicki sdubicki@heparks.org Matt LaFrenere mlafrenere@heparks.org with any questions.