Indoor Rentals at Triphahn Center

To rent space at the Triphahn Center, take the following steps:

  1. Complete the application below, including room, date and day requesting.
  2. Return the application to the Triphahn Center service desk.
  3. 50% of rental fee (+ additional security deposit if applicable) is due at time of application.
  4. Final payment is due one-week prior to date of event.

Facility Room Rental Information and Room Use Permit Forms are available above and at the front desk of each facility. Please allow ten business days to process requests.

* Additional Fees: $25/hour for after hour rentals, $100 security deposit for Triphahn Center kitchen usage.

With a variety of room sizes to accommodate your gathering, HEParks has the perfect indoor space for your next gathering.
Features: tables and chairs, set-up and take-down.
Alcohol: prohibited.
Contact: Brian Johnson at 847-885-7500

Choose a room set up based on the following layouts:

Community Room 110 up to 10 people — $25/hour, $30/hour nr

Community Room 111 up to 40 people —  $55/hour, $60/hour nr
Community Room 112 up to 80 people —  $75/hour, $80/hour nr
Community Room 113 (Rooms 111+112) up to 120 people  — $110/hour, $120/hour nr
with Lounge  — $50 one time fee

Community Room 114, up to 45 people —  $50/hour, $55/hour nr

Board Room, up to 50 people  — $55/hour, $60/hour nr. No food permitted.

Dance Room, up to 25 people —  $55/hour, $60/hour nr. No food permitted.

Half Gymnasium, up to 50 people —  $45/hour, $50/hour nr. No food permitted.
Full Gymnasium (Full Gym), up to 50 people —  $80/hour, $90/hour nr. No food permitted.

Performance Shelf, up to 25 people —  $45/hour, $45/hour nr. No food permitted.