Here’s What People Are Saying About HE Parks Hockey

A mother and her two daughters who attended our “Girls Give Hockey a Try” event in August 2017, had this to say: 

You don’t know me or my girls, but I have tears in my eyes as I write this email.

My girls are 7 and 8 years old and had never been on ice skates before last night. They were so excited yesterday, bouncing around the house and in the car on the way to the ice rink. Getting fitted for their skates they could not even contain their excitement. They were sure that they would head out on the ice and just play hockey right away, even though I told them that they would probably fall down a lot and they needed to learn to skate first. And they did fall down right away, and kept falling down. But they also kept trying. They kept to the side, trying to learn how their skates worked, how to move around, and my youngest eventually made two laps around the ice. I was so proud of her determination.

But I was also so impressed with the older girls. The ones who would stop and help the two of them by showing how to move their feet, or keep their knees bent. The ones who stayed with them as they moved at their beginner’s pace, which I am sure was so slow to them. It meant so much to my girls. The entire drive home last night they bubbled with excitement and asked when they could come back. And as they went to bed, my daughter said, “I want to keep skating and learn to be so good that I can help another little girl learn to skate like they helped me tonight.”

So many times we live in a world where everyone is out to be the best for only themselves. But last night, they were so sweet and reached out to someone else and helped my girls be a little bit better – and it makes this mom’s heart swell.

Thank you! And we’ll definitely be back.