Park Improvement Projects

Each year brings many improvements to playgrounds and facilities throughout the district. Below you will find updates on all projects currently under way, including Triphahn Center North Side Enhancement and playground renovations at Sheffield, Victoria and Canterbury Park Place.

Triphahn Center – North Side Enhancement – View bid information here

North Side Enhancement Plan is progressing and is on schedule and within budget.  Crews have 75% of the drywall complete. With 95% of all materials bought, staff is still optimistic that this project can be brought in at its budgeted amount and on time.  (March 8, 2017)  

Fabbrini Park – Glen Lake Road construction

The Village of Hoffman Estates will be working on a section of Glen Lake Road from Higgins to Fabbrini Park from May 1 to July 20. Although the road will be open, park visitors may want to use an alternate route to access the park via the north and east entrances, or to access the main entrance to the park via the following route: Hassel Road to Glen Lake to the park. 





Community Park Playground

Replacement equipment is in, will be installed before Spring.

Playground Renovations

All the district’s playgrounds are on a rotation schedule, which results in new playground approximately every 15-18 years.  In 2017 the district will remodel the playgrounds at Armstrong, Colony and Victoria parks. With the unusually warm weather we have experienced, staff is planning for an early start to the outdoor construction season.  Playground equipment has been ordered with the expectation of delivery the week of April 10th.   Award of the installation bids by the Board will allow the contractor to begin the renovations immediately in April.