Become a Event or Park District Sponsor

We offer sponsorship of events and facilities as well as various advertising options in and around the Park District. Whether it is providing in-kind or food donations, raffle prizes, or monetary sponsorships, we’ll help you find the best fit for your business. We serve everyone from children to seniors so we are confident that we will have a sponsorship opportunity that is right for you.

Join these awesome sponsors with your logo on this page and learn how you can get involved with HEParks. For information, contact Jeff Ney at 847-285-5477.

Community Visibility:
56,690 HE Parks Residents
200k+ Website page hits annually
26,000 Program guides printed quarterly
30,000 Rounds of golf played
6,000 Special Event participants
23,000+ Active Email accounts
7,000+ Followers on Social Media

Partner Opportunities
Facility Sponsorship
Event/Program Sponsorship
Family, Community, and Canine events
Adult and Youth program sponsorship opportunities
Sports Leagues
In-Kind donations
Golf Packages
50+ Club events
Friends of HE Parks Foundation Sponsors
LSC/ Preschool/Camp Sponsorship


Thank you to our Sponsors!