Best of Hoffman October

This month’s Best of Hoffman recipient is Mary Ellen Summerville.

Mary Ellen began volunteering for HEParks in March of 2019 and quickly became a staple at park district events. With her enthusiast smiles and laughter, she quickly became a favorite of both patrons and staff. In the past few months she’s been spotted working children’s games at National Kids to Parks Day, helping at HEParks craft tables during summer events, and giving her all at the doggie carnival.

A life-long volunteer, Mary Ellen, says that her favorite things about volunteering are working with people and all of the smiles she receives at events. So far, her favorite HEParks special events have been National Kids to Parks Day and the Doggie Carnival.

A resident of Hoffman Estates, Mary Ellen considers volunteering to be her favorite hobby. She says yes every time the park district needs her to volunteer.

When asked about her favorite volunteering memory she said, “my son used to tell me all the time when he was little, ‘Mommy do you know that if you got paid every time you volunteered; we would be rich’”. She said the response to her son was “Volunteering does make me rich… in the heart.”

Thank you, Mary Ellen, for everything you do for HEParks.