Park Talk Blog: Black Bear Park Tree Removal

Introducing the Park Talk Blog! Brought to you by our Parks Department. Each month our parks experts will fill you in on what’s happening in the 70+ parks in the park district. Topics will include what the parks staff is working on, special projects, and helpful tips for maintaining the green space in your backyard. This month, read about how we are removing dead Ash trees at Black Bear Park: 

Black Bear Park Tree Removal
Recently the Parks Department has been completing the removal of dead Ash trees at Black Bear Park.  The trees were affected by the Emerald Ash Borer insect over the past four years, and are being removed to eliminate hazards caused by the dead trees and to improve the quality of the natural areas in the park. 

If you’ve seen these trees, you might have thought that the trees were still alive because of the “suckers” that grow on the lower portion of the tree. Unfortunately, the trees are not healthy and will not recover from the damage. 

Initially, we started removing the Ash trees in parks with high patron use, and we are now addressing the Ash trees in our natural and semi-natural areas with lower patron use. 

The Parks Department recognizes the value of these trees and so we will be planting 100 Oak tree saplings this April at Black Bear Park.  Later this fall we will also plan some larger hardwood trees.   

If you’re a disc golf player, you might find the Disc Golf Course looking a little sparse after we remove the dead trees, but the playability of the course should not be affected.