Exciting Enhancements At Triphahn Center

The project is complete! The plans stemmed from the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP), which was completed in 2014 after extensive surveys, focus groups with residents and meetings with community stakeholders.

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See an update as of Jan 2017:


The CMP revealed the growing need for preschool programming, programs for residents age 50 and over, and off-ice hockey training areas.  As a result, the District spent much of 2015 studying  options to accommodate future needs. The planning team presented several options to the Park Board Committee of the Whole on March 15, 2016. At the meeting, the committee approved the following plan: 

North Side Lobby and Lounge – A new Welcome Desk will be constructed on the west side of the north lobby where visitors can get information and register for programs. A lounge area opposite the Welcome Desk will be a comfortable and cozy area with a fireplace and sofas for our visitors to our 50+ Club and for youth sports’ parents. It will include movable walls so that the space can be opened to the lobby or closed.

50+ Active Adults Center – The 50+ Active Adults Center, which currently consists of four smaller rooms, will be consolidated into one large room with a retractable wall that will separate the space into two smaller rooms. Equipment, books and games will be stored in cabinets in the lounge area. In addition, the new space will lend itself to additional room rental opportunities; an affordable option for residents and a valuable revenue source for the district.

Early Learning Center – A new room will be added to the Early Learning Center (ELC), which provides full-day preschool child care. The new room will allow teachers to separate 3, 4 and 5-year-olds into their own classrooms and tailor the curriculum for the developmental needs of the child’s age.

Sports Training Shelf – The Wolf Pack Hockey Club currently serves more than 1,400 kids year round. With the growing popularity of hockey programs across the nation and the success of our own Wolf Pack program, the need for off-ice training areas has been a concern for several years. A new off-ice hockey training room will be located in the current Gymnastics Shelf. The space will accommodate 15-18 kids at a time and will suit the program’s needs well.

Gymnastics programs – has been relocated to the second floor of the Vogelei Barn where the program has additional space both in square footage and ceiling heights.

Funding the Project
A major concern with any project of this size is funding. Among several plans presented, the plan with the lowest cost was selected. Deputy Director/Director of Administration and Finance Craig Talsma explained that the District would utilize an existing Recreation Fund of $1,000,000 for the majority of the costs and the rest would come from revenue generated by the facility. No additional taxpayer funds would be needed. Director Talsma expects the District to recoup its costs in three years for the ELC and Off-Ice areas; the return on investment for the 50+ renovation was projected to be 10 ½ years; not including membership fees for 50+ Club. To keep costs down, all demolition and general contracting will be performed by Park District staff. Bid documents were posted in August and contractors were selected in October. The project is slated to begin in December and be completed by Summer 2017. For updates on this project, visit this page of our website or use the Park Projects icon on our free mobile app.

Cost Estimates
Hard Construction Costs: $803,767
Furniture, flooring, etc: $213,733
TOTAL: $1,017,500

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