Aquatics and Swimming Lessons

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Outdoor Swim Lessons at Seascape Family Aquatic Center

Swim Lesson Cancellation Plan- Please call the weather hotline at 847-310-3626 x6 for updated information regarding Seascape cancellation or closing.  If there is heavy rain, thunder, or lightening present during swim lessons they will be cancelled. The decision to cancel morning lessons will be made by 8:30A, evening classes by 5:00P, and Saturday lessons by 8:30A. A make-up class will be added to the end of the session.

 Indoor Swim Lessons

Parent / Tot Swim / 6 months-3 years / PSS&WC

With the help of their parents, tots become comfortable in and around the water so they are ready to learn to swim. Tots will enjoy songs and games while becoming familiar in the water. Parents will learn techniques to help orient their children to the water and to supervise water activities in a safe manner.

Tots Swim / ½-3 years / PSS&WC

Young students who are ready for lessons without their parent will learn basic skills in a fun atmosphere. Tots develop independence as they become comfortable in the water. This class prepares tots for Level 1.

Level 1 Swim / 4-9 years / PSS&WC

This class will help students become more comfortable in the water and teach them how to enjoy the water safely. Students will learn elementary skills, including: water entry, front and back floats, and begin to learn the arm/leg action of swimming.

Level 2 Swim / 5-14 years / PSS&WC

Level 2 students will build upon the skills that they learned in Level 1. Students will become more independent in the water by learning to float on their own and start swimming without assistance. Basic rescue skills will be introduced.

Level 3 Swim / 5-12 years / PSS&WC

Level 3 students will build on their previous aquatic skills with guided practice. Students will learn how to coordinate the front crawl and back crawl and begin to learn elements of the butterfly and treading water.

Level 4 Swim / 5-14 years / PSS&WC

Level 4 students will become confident in the strokes they have learned in Levels 1-3. Students will increase their endurance and continue to build on the butterfly. The elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and elements of the sidestroke will be introduced.

Level 5 Swim / 6-15 years / PSS&WC

Students in Level 5 will coordinate and refine all of their strokes including, front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke. Students will increase their distances and learn how to do flip turns.

Level 6 Swim / 6-15 years / PSS&WC

Students will refine strokes so they can swim them with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Students who complete Level 6 should be able to transition easily to a swim team.

Adult Swim Beginner / 16+ years / PSS&WC

It's never too late to learn how to swim! This class is designed to teach adults the fundamentals of swimming and basic water safety. Swimming is a fun activity that can help improve your health and fitness. This class is taught in a flexible environment allowing participants to move at their own pace.

Adult Swim Intermediate / 16+ years / PSS&WC

This class is designed for adults who are comfortable in the water and know the fundamentals of swimming. Participants will learn and refine strokes so they can swim them with more ease, efficiency power and smoothness over greater distances. Class is taught in a flexible environment allowing participants to move at their own pace.

Masters Swim / 16+ years / PSS&WC

Perfect your swimming techniques and boost your overall fitness level. Our experienced swim coach can help you find the most efficient training methods and provide the guidance you need to improve your form, stroke and endurance.

Private and Semi Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are a fantastic way for children and adults to learn how to swim and refine their skills. Participants will receive individual instruction from an experienced swim instructor in a pressure free environment. Private swim lessons are perfect for any age or ability level. Private swim lessons are offered everyday and are based around instructor availability. To register and for pricing, stop by the Service Desk at PSS&WC or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Program & Aquatics Supervisor, at 847-285-5408.

Private (1 participant) 5 half hour classes
Semi-Private (2 participants) 5 half hour classes
Group Private (3-4 participants) 5 half hour classes