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Preschool 2014-2015

Our curriculum focuses on hands on activities and experimentation. Activities such as music, movement, dramatic play, science and open ended art projects help cultivate children’s imaginations and give them confidence to express themselves. Group activities encourage socialization and teach important lessons in sharing and being part of a community. Daily outdoor or gym time helps children develop their large motor skills. Fine motor skills are developed through tabletop activities like puzzles cutting and painting, which also fosters the imagination and cognitive development.



The Hoffman Estates Park District preschool program promotes child development which supports academic excellence. Developmentally-appropriate instruction is provided in an environment that values cultural diversity and nurtures a love of learning. Our preschool program focuses on the development of the whole child. Our play-based curriculum incorporates a variety of learning opportunities designed to develop problem solving, creativity, self-expression, and academic skills. Children participate in a variety of activities everyday, including art, music, creative movement, dramatic play, math, science, block play, group discussions and outdoor play.

Our qualified teachers combine this diverse curriculum through a healthy balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed learning which develops a child’s physical, social, language, cognitive and creative skills. And through encouragement, understanding and respect, we provide a positive, safe and nurturing atmosphere for learning. Our program supports our community. Children learn about our community through field trips and community events. We believe that children learn best when parents and teachers work together and support each other, therefore, we encourage the active involvement of parents.

The park district follows the curriculum goal from the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which encourages children to be actively involved in the learning process, to experience a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials, and to pursue to their own interests in the context of life in the community and the world.

Child Development can be divided into four areas: social and emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, and language development. These four categories are closely related and often overlap. Development in one area affects and is influenced by development in all areas. Click here to download the Curriculum Guide.


Severe Weather Policy

The Triphahn Center facility follows school district 54's severe weather closing days. The WRC facility follows school district 15's severe weather closing days. You may also call 847-885-7500 x0 for cancelation information.



* 8 monthly payments with $100 initial payment + $35 registration fee due at registration. Register in person at Triphahn or Willow. Registration opens February 10 and closes February 23. Children must be 3 by 9/1/14.

4 year old Preschool

Triphahn: min 8/max 20

156214-A M,W,F 8/25-5/22 9:15A-11:45A $162/$180*
156214-B M -Th 8/25-5/21 9:30A-11:45A $197/$218*
156214-C T, Th 8/26-5/21 9:15A-11:45A $104/$116*
156214-E M,T,Th 8/25-5/21 12:30P-2:45P $144/$160*



Willow: min 8/ max 20

156215-A M,W,Th 8/25-5/22 9:15A-11:45A $162/$180*
156215-B T,Th 8/26-5/21 9:15A-11:45A $104/$116*



      3 year old Preschool

Triphahn: min 8/max 20

156211-A M,W,F 8/25-5/22 9:30A-11:30A $127/$141*
156211-B M, Tu,Th 8/25-5/21 12:30P-2:30P $127/$141*
156211-C T, Th 8/26-5/21 9:30A-11:30A $81/$91*



         Willow: min 8/max 20

156212-A M,W,F 8/25-5/22 9:15A-11:30A $144/$160*
156212-B Tu,Th 8/26-5/21 9:15A-11:30A $92/$103 


 *=monthly payment

Registrations accepted at in person Triphahn or Willow.

Two Payment Options

1. Pay in Full + $35 registration fee. (Pay in full amount is $100 + 8x monthly payment + $35 registration fee. Registration fee is non-refundable)

2. Monthly payment plan. $100 payment and $35 non refundable registration fee due at time of registration. Complete  the EFT form to automatically  withdraw 8 monthly payments from your checking account or credit card. EFT withdrawal dates, 15th of the following months, August thru March.

Refunds are granted prior to the first day of school. After the first class has met, a pro-rated refund is granted. A refund form must be filled out in order to obtain a refund. Refunds can not be granted for days missed due to illness or vacation. 

2014-2015 School Calendars:    Triphahn     Willow

Preschool Downloadable Documents

Preschool Parent Handbook
Summary of DCFS Licensing Standards
Medication Consent form
Lead Questionnaire
Health Examination Form
Food Allergy Action Plan 

School Supply Lists